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Top 10 Creative Painters, Artists and Sculptors in Plymouth

November 04, 2023

Plymouth, Massachusetts, a town steeped in history and natural beauty, has long been a haven for painters, artists and sculptors who draw inspiration from its captivating landscapes and rich heritage. In this article, we delve into the vibrant art scene of Plymouth to discover the top 10 creative talents who have left an indelible mark on the community and the wider art world. From classical realism to contemporary innovation, these artists have woven the essence of Plymouth into their works, reflecting the town’s diverse spirit. Join us as we celebrate the artists who have brought color, form, and imagination to the heart of Plymouth.

Michael James Fine Art

top 10 creative painters, artists and sculptors in plymouth​

Address: 170 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360

Michael James is a renowned figurative painter known for his captivating artworks that have found homes in collections worldwide. His artistic journey has been deeply influenced by master painters, notably Richard Schmid and Robert Liberace, which is reflected in his confident brushwork and nuanced subject matter. Michael’s paintings are distinguished by their meticulous attention to anatomical details, creating a harmonious and rhythmic flow in each piece, regardless of the theme. His art invites viewers to contemplate profound aspects of humanity and the liberating beauty of mortality. Michael James Fine Art is now based in Brooklyn, NY, where he continues to create stunning, emotionally resonant paintings.

Ronald Aakjar Fine Art

top 10 creative painters, artists and sculptors in plymouth​

Address: 19 Crescent St, Plympton, MA 02367

Ronald Aakjar, Jr., the creative force behind Botany Bear Art in Plympton, is a remarkable artist celebrated in Plymouth. With a deep-rooted love for nature cultivated during his upbringing in a small Connecticut town, Aakjar embarked on a unique artistic journey. His background in Biology, crowned with a Master’s degree in Botany, provided the foundation for his distinctive approach. Aakjar’s artistry blossomed when he discovered the beauty of pressing and preserving plants. His encounter with a local artist, exploring nature printing, sparked a profound passion. Aakjar’s dedication to both biology education and the artistry of botanical printing has made him a standout figure in Plymouth’s vibrant artistic community.

The Art Shoppe Jessart Studio

top 10 creative painters, artists and sculptors in plymouth​

Address: 84 Court St, Plymouth, MA 02360

The Art Shoppe Jessart Studio, a collaborative endeavor by artists Jessie Fries and Eddy Murray, is a beacon of high-quality artistry in Plymouth. Jessie Fries, a freelance artist known for her spirited creativity, specializes in painting scenes inspired by the splendors of nature and rural life. Her works, often featuring vibrant flowers, serene sunsets, and the endless beauty of the sea, exude a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around us. Using bold and colorful acrylics along with mixed media techniques, she crafts pieces that brim with texture and warmth. The studio frequently hosts engaging events showcased on their Facebook page, inviting the community to partake in their artistic journey.

Plymouth Center For The Arts

top 10 creative painters, artists and sculptors in plymouth​

Address: 11 North St, Plymouth, MA 02360

Plymouth Center for the Arts, rooted in a 55-year history, stands as a prominent artistic institution in Plymouth. Originating as the beloved Plymouth Outdoor Art Show, this annual event evolved into a thriving hub for artists and art enthusiasts. In 2008, the organization found its permanent home in the historic Russell Library on North Street. Today, it continues to flourish, offering diverse classes, workshops, and a gallery space for regional artists. Conveniently located near Plymouth Rock and the waterfront, this establishment invites visitors to immerse themselves in the world of art while preserving the region’s rich artistic heritage. It fosters a sense of community and appreciation for creativity.

Andrew Kusmin Art Gallery

top 10 creative painters, artists and sculptors in plymouth​

Address: 1 N Green St, Plymouth, MA 02360

The Andrew Kusmin Art Gallery in Plymouth is a captivating space that eloquently portrays life’s subtle moments through the medium of painting. Andrew Kusmin, the artist behind the gallery, draws inspiration from shared human experiences and emotions, creating artworks that deeply resonate with viewers. These paintings invite observers to pause, contemplate, and connect with the profound messages conveyed by each piece. Notably, the gallery has recently published a book titled “Palette of Dreams,” chronicling Andrew Kusmin’s artistic journey and encouraging others to explore their own creative paths. With its dedication to stirring emotions and provoking self-reflection, the Kusmin Art Gallery offers a compelling and thought-provoking experience for art enthusiasts.

The Jenney

top 10 creative painters, artists and sculptors in plymouth​

Address: 48 Summer St, Plymouth, MA 02360

The Jenney, previously known as The Jenney Grist Mill, holds a special place among Plymouth’s artistic community. Founded in 2001 by Leo and Nancy Martin, this not-for-profit educational charity has been a haven for artists and history enthusiasts alike. Despite facing challenges such as water damage, The Jenney persevered, expanding to include the Jenney Museum and Interpretive Centre. It has become a hub for artists seeking inspiration from the rich history of the Pilgrims and their impact on American heritage. With nearly two decades of dedication to educating and preserving history, The Jenney continues to be a significant cultural and artistic resource in Plymouth.

Oh My Gallery

top 10 creative painters, artists and sculptors in plymouth​

Address: 18 Middle St, Plymouth, MA 02360

Oh My Gallery is a Collaborative/Consignment store run by the men and women receiving services from. This unique gallery in Plymouth serves as a platform for painters, artists and sculptors to showcase their talents and creative expressions. With a focus on collaboration and inclusivity, Oh My Gallery provides a welcoming space for both established and emerging artists to exhibit their work. Visitors can explore a diverse range of artistic styles and mediums, making it a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts seeking fresh perspectives and supporting local talent. This gallery exemplifies the thriving artistic community in Plymouth, celebrating creativity and fostering a sense of artistic unity.

Yankee Woodcarvers Sign & Sculpture

top 10 creative painters, artists and sculptors in plymouth​

Address: 63 Court St, Plymouth, MA 02360

Yankee Woodcarvers Sign & Sculpture is a Plymouth gem, helmed by the immensely talented master carver, Mike McCarthy. With a Scholastic Art award under his belt, Mike’s artistic prowess extends across various mediums. Having dabbled as a carpenter, architect, mason, and even a lobsterman, he returned to his true calling, woodcarving. A family tradition, Mike apprenticed under his father and renowned Master Woodcarver, Paul McCarthy, when he was just 16. Now boasting over 35 years of experience, Mike has crafted an impressive portfolio of 10,000 pieces, adorning both residential and commercial spaces. Discover the artistry of Yankee Woodcarvers and consider adding a masterpiece to your collection.

13 Court Gallery

top 10 creative painters, artists and sculptors in plymouth​

Address: 13 Court St, Plymouth, MA 02360

13 Court Gallery is an artist collective situated in the heart of Plymouth’s Historic District. This vibrant and innovative gallery serves as a dynamic hub for local painters, artists, and sculptors to showcase their talents and creativity. It’s a place where the essence of Plymouth’s rich history harmonizes with contemporary artistry, offering visitors a captivating blend of tradition and modernity. The gallery’s commitment to fostering artistic expression and community engagement has made it a standout destination in the realm of Plymouth’s art scene, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking to explore the diverse talents within this picturesque coastal town.

Carole Raymond Fine Art

top 10 creative painters, artists and sculptors in plymouth​

Address: 11 North St, Plymouth, MA 02360

Carole Raymond is a prominent figure in Plymouth’s art scene and a distinguished artist known for her devotion to capturing the beauty of nature, particularly in her still life and floral paintings. A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, she has called historical Plymouth home for the past five decades, where she raised her family while pursuing a career as a chiropractic assistant and massage therapist.

Carole’s affinity for flowers dates back to her childhood, sparking her lifelong passion for painting their fleeting beauty. Her artistic journey has earned her accolades and recognition, making her an award-winning artist. Carole’s artistry is characterized by classical realism, prominently displayed in her exquisite still life paintings.

While mainly self-taught, Carole has had the privilege of learning from accomplished painters in both watercolor and oil. She has been an integral part of the art community in Plymouth, co-founding “The Plymouth Center for the Arts” and serving on its Board of Directors for over a decade. In addition to her remarkable artwork, Carole imparts her knowledge and skills by teaching oil painting in classes and workshops, leaving an indelible mark on aspiring artists. Her contributions extend to various art associations, including The Sandwich Art Alliance, The Plymouth Center for the Arts, Cape Cod Art Assoc., North River, and Duxbury Art Associations.

Carole Raymond’s artistry has transcended geographical boundaries, with her paintings proudly displayed in numerous private collections both in the United States and Europe. Her commitment to preserving the beauty of nature through her art has solidified her position as one of Plymouth’s top painters, artists and sculptors.

How Does One Complete a Painter or Sculptor?

As we conclude our exploration of Plymouth’s top 10 painters, artists and sculptors, one thing becomes abundantly clear—the town’s artistic landscape is as diverse and rich as its history. From Carole Raymond’s exquisite floral still lifes to the captivating realism of David Lewis’ sculptures, these talented individuals have not only contributed to Plymouth’s vibrant art scene but have also carved their names onto the broader canvas of artistic excellence. Each brushstroke, chisel mark, and stroke of genius adds to the town’s cultural tapestry, ensuring that Plymouth remains a cherished haven for creativity and inspiration for generations to come.

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Painters, artists and sculptors

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