4 Photogenic Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tours

cranberry bog tours

Cranberry is a wild, native fruit grown in Cape Cod, grown in sandy bogs and marshes on long-running vines. The cranberry is a the second largest cash crop of Cape Cod.

photo credit: patsy keigney-rodriguez
Photo Credit: Patsy Keigney-Rodriguez

If you plan to visit the Cape during the harvest season, or any time in the year, consider taking a cranberry bog tour to learn more about the history and the process of our native fruit.

Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tours


1. Cranberry Bog Tours

bog tours

Tour time(s): Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Website: www.cranberrybogtours.com


Located in Harwich, the Cranberry Bog Tours has the largest cranberry bog on Cape Cod.The Cranberry Bog Tour is available seasonally in the spring, summer, and fall. It is a guided tour that explains the daily operations on the farm and the methods of harvesting. In addition, there is a farm stand and gift shop where you can buy cranberry-related items such as jam and honey.

The Cranberry Bog Tour is educational and informational, and appropriate for kids old enough to be interested in the tour.

Costs/Packages for Cranberry Bog Tours

You will need to make a reservation for your cranberry bog tour. The tour costs $20 for adults and children. Please note credit card payments are not accepted.

You can book your ticket and get scheduled times for the tour by calling the Cranberry Bog Tours on 508-432-0790.

2. Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tour

men plowing cranberries harvested cape cod island

Tour time(s): Harvesting Season

Duration: 1 hour

Website: www.capecodcranberrybogtours.com

The Cape Cod Cranberry Tours is situated at the Governor Prence Inn, Orleans. You’ll see cranberry harvest in action and learn about the history and cultivation of cranberries. Tours are guided by a knowledgeable grower with up to three decades of experience.

If you’re a baker who bakes cakes, pies, and bread, you sure want to get the freshphoto two birds cape cod island cranberries available for sale. They make a great treat, and you can also gift someone.

This tour allows you to learn about the historic cranberry industry on Cape Cod in a fun and exciting way.  You’re likely to see local birds like the mourning dove, American Goldfinch, and the White-throated sparrow, so you might also want to bring your cameras or binoculars.

Depending on the time of the year, you’ll see blooming cranberry bogs. Come in your comfortable walking shoes as you will be walking on this cranberry bog tour.


Costs/Packages for the Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tours

The tour costs $20 per person, and the minimum group size for a tour is four persons.  It is available at 4 pm daily based on the weather, and you can also reserve your place based on availability.

You have to reserve your space for the Cape Cod Cranberry Bog tour by calling 508 237 5478 or send an email to info@capecodcranberrybogtours.com.

3. A.D. Makepeace Company Bog Tour


people helping harvesting enjoying cranberries hog cape cod island

Tour time(s): All year round

Duration: 1.5 hours

Website: www.makepeacefarm.com


Located just off-Cape,  the A.D. Makepeace Company is one of the world’s largest cranberry growers. They offer all-year-long private group tours, which come with a guide. You can dry harvest your own cranberries while on tour.

If you take the tour in the spring, you’ll see the preparation of the new bogs and how older bogs are renovated.
During the summer, the tour takes you through the educational lessons about the bees and tiny flowers where thetwo basket full cranberries cape cod island cranberry got its name from.

In the fall, you’re in for the beautiful wet harvest. Then, by winter, you witness the vines’ leaves change to the rich red cranberry color.

It is a guided tour. Throughout the tour, your guide will explain the yearly cycle of cranberry growing, methods of harvesting, and insights on what it means to be a cranberry farmer.

The A.D. Makepeace Company hosts an annual Cranberry Harvest Celebration in early October. You can join the event to learn more about cranberries.

Costs/Packages for the A.D. Makepeace Company Tours

There are group and private tours offered all year long. For groups, there have to be ten or more people.

For details of tour costs and packages, call 508 295 5437.

4. Annie’s Crannies

cranberry resize

Tour time(s): Fall

Duration: 1 hour

Website: www.anniescrannies.com


Sitting at the heart of the historic village of Dennis, Massachusetts, Annie’s Crannies is where you will find some of the best cranberries in Cape Cod. In 1994, Annie Walker, the owner of Annie’s Crannies, started cultivating cranberries to continue a family tradition that began with her grandfather, Ben Walker, combining over 200 years experience of growing cranberries.

dry picking form cranberries cape cod island

You’ll see the tools used in harvesting cranberries, as well as large, blossoming cranberry bogs as Annie walks you around and shares her wealth of knowledge with you on the cranberry industry.

In addition to the cranberry bog tour, you will see how beeswax candles and honey are made from cranberry blossoms.As you walk past plants, she tells you about the bees needed to pollinate them.

An exciting part of the Annie’s Crannies tour is the gift shop where you can buy fresh berries. It also has other products such as soaps, fresh fruits, jams, cranberry recipes, and the Annie’s crannies Gift Boxes.

Annie’s Crannies tours take place during the harvest season during October and November on Saturdays and Sundays.  The Annie’s Crannies gift shop is always open during the harvest season – October to November.

If you want the full experience, the tour crew can put you to work by letting you clean your berries on their antique screening equipment.  You’ll also see the dry picking form of cultivation and dry picked fresh Howes variety cranberries.

The Annie’s Crannies tour is ideal for everyone if you’re interested in cranberries and their production. In addition, it’s an excellent way to learn about the history of farming cranberries in Dennis.

Costs/Packages of Annie’s Crannies Tours

Email or call to make reservations by sending an email to info@anniescrannies.com.  All prices are available when you reach out via this number: 508 385 5517.


The best cranberry tours in Cape Cod are provided by Cranberry Bog Tours, Cape Cod Cranberry tours, and A.D. Makepeace company. These tours are unbeatable, from exploring cranberry products to seeing the cranberry bloom to getting the harvest done yourself.

If a cranberry bog tour on Cape Cod is on your bucket list, these four tours are undoubtedly your best choices.

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