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cape codgers logoIf you’re a senior who loves sports, and you’re searching for something to do in the Cape Cod area, look no further! The Cape Codgers are a slow-pitch senior softball league based out of Falmouth, MA. They welcome people from all walks of life, with all skill levels, living locations, and interests in the game. With a mantra of “Fun and Friendship,” the Codgers are welcoming to any seniors who love softball and want to get on the field and have fun. You can decide how often you want to play, and how many events or workouts you want to attend. The Codgers also have 2 divisions, so anyone will feel welcome among their team.


The Cape Codgers began in 2008, after a group of 20 friends playing pick-up games wanted to begin challenging other local teams. In 2009, the league boomed to 3 teams and about 60 players, with a 16-game schedule and championship that year. Since then, the league has continued to grow, totaling over 12 teams, and 150 players across 2 divisions. The Codgers continue to represent friendship, fun, and community engagement.

Playing with the Codgers

The regular season with the Codgers generally runs from June through September, with weekly league games at 5:30 PM with the occasional double header. Games are played

cape codgers senior softball league

in slow pitch softball style. Fall and winter ball have been offered in recent years, and plenty of members join in on the fun. Winter batting practice and turf games take place at the Falmouth Sports Center. If that’s not enough, weekly winter workouts with teams are common, with strategy meetings at a local pub over pizza afterwards. If you’re

cape codgers senior softball league

seeking more information on the Codgers’ rules or general training information, the league rulebook, warm-up stretches, and slow-pitch softball batting tips can be easily located under the “Resources” tab of the Cape Codgers website.

The Offseason with the Cape Codgers

As stated above, the Codgers hold regular offseason workouts. At the Falmouth Sports Center or the Gus Canty Rec Center in Falmouth, you’ll be able to join in on weekly throwing and batting practices, stretching, pickup basketball, and other workouts. Some Saturday’s groups will schedule batting cage trips to polish up on their skills too! Winter games are occasionally held in a dome that’s located off the Cape. While these off-season activities are not required and they are completely voluntary, members say it’s a great way to have fun, and the practice pays off come the regular season! Keep an eye on the calendar on the Cape Codgers website or contact Chip Mansfield at 508-564-6616 for more information.

Who Can be a Cape Codger?

Players of all skill levels are welcome, and you can play part time, attend every event, or even work as an umpire, scorekeeper, or referee. Member dues for players are

cape codgers senior softball league

generally $100 per person. Dues are put towards team activities and tournament entry fees. Hats and shirts are provided for each player. League players are generally 54 years old or older. D1 players are suggested to be 65 and up, and D2 players are ages 54-65. Women are also welcomed to play with the Codgers.

What are the teams?

Teams within the Cape Codgers league are sponsored and named after local businesses. The teams are sponsored by The Barn Pottery, British Beer Company, Five C’s Building Associates General Contractors, Falmouth Toyota, Barrett Plumbing and Heating, NH Swain Custom Builders, Crabapples restaurant, Apple Wiper and Supply Co. Inc., JM Photo, Paul’s Pizza and Seafood, and The Zephyrs. Several other local businesses support the Codgers as well, helping keep the league alive and well in Cape Cod.

How can I become a Cape Codger?

Registration is available online on the Cape Codgers’ Facebook Page. They have a Google Form and PayPal link so you can take care of your registration information and member dues quickly and easily. For more information, you can contact the Codgers at, at 508-564-6616, or through the group’s Facebook page. Registration for the Codgers’ email list is available in the same place.


The Cape Codgers are a wonderful way to get some enjoyable physical activity as a senior in the Cape Cod area. With such an inclusive attitude and fun-focused group, it’s hard to beat this opportunity. Since the Codgers allow players to decide on their commitment level, the league is suitable for all seniors. You can decide whether you want to pursue year-round activities that’ll keep you busy, or if you want to pop in for some practices and games for something to do. It’s also a wonderful group in that there is no required baseline of softball experience or physical ability. The Cape Codgers even offer activity for those who don’t want to/are unable to play softball as part of their referee, scorekeeper, coaching, or organizational corps. No matter who you are, you’ll be able to find a way to have a great time with the Cape Codgers!

If you are more interested in watching baseball check out the Cape Cod Baseball League starting June 10th.




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