Falmouth Museums on the Green ~ New WWII D-Day Exhibition

falmouth museums on the green new wwii d-day exhibition

The Falmouth Museums on the Green, ( Falmouth Historical Society) is thrilled to announce a new chapter as we strive to become a more dynamic and inclusive institution. Thanks to the generous support of the Highland Street Foundation, we are offering free admission for our regular tours, ensuring that our rich history is accessible to everyone. Visitors can explore the historic c. 1790 Dr. Francis Wicks House through guided tours, browse the Conant House galleries at their own pace, and immerse themselves in our latest exhibition, “From Cape Cod to Normandy: Falmouth’s Role in World War II’s D-Day Invasion,” at the Cultural Center.

This initiative ensures that all guests can engage with our exceptional collections and historic buildings without financial barriers. As the oldest historical society on Cape Cod, founded in 1900, we are committed to making history open to everyone.

The Cape Cod to Normandy Connection

falmouth museums on the green new wwii d-day exhibitionOur new exhibition, “From Cape Cod to Normandy: Falmouth’s Role in World War II’s D-Day Invasion,” opens on June 6, 2024, the 80th anniversary of D-Day. This collaboration with the Cape Cod Military Museum highlights Falmouth’s crucial role in the D-Day invasion, focusing on the training and innovations at Washburn Island and Camp Edwards. The exhibit runs until May 10, 2025.

d dayKey figures include Ralph Ingersoll, who developed the deceptive Phantom Army strategy, pivotal in the success of D-Day, at Camp Edwards. The show will also include the story of the H.M.S. Naushon, a British hospital ship originally a Martha’s Vineyard ferry.

The exhibition honors Falmouth’s own heroes at D-Day, such as Milton Soares, who served on LST 310, and Harry C. Richardson, a WWII glider pilot who later ran the historic Elm Arch Inn. Their stories, along with many others, bring to life Falmouth’s contributions to this crucial moment in history.

Don’t miss the popular exhibition “Better Together: Falmouth Families at Sea 1852-1886,” now in its second year. Located in the Conant House Museum’s rotating gallery, this exhibition explores the lives of whaling families, their adventures, and the challenges they faced at sea, featuring 33 artifacts from the museum’s permanent collection.

Join a Tour of the Falmouth Museums on the Green

Tours of the Dr. Francis Wicks House are available on the hour, with the last tour starting one hour before closing. Walking tours are scheduled at 10:30 am on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, with a rotating schedule on Fridays, including the popular Old Burying Ground tour at 5:30 pm on select Fridays.

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Courtesy of Laura Edson Images

The Dr. Francis Wicks House, an architectural gem in the Classical Revival style, offers an interactive tour experience through 151 years of history, highlighting its former occupants, including two medical doctors and a whaling captain. Donated to the historical society in 1932 by the captain’s granddaughter Julia Wood, the house features rare 18th-century French wallpaper, an 18th-century Falmouth-made desk, a 19th-century perfume bottle from the short-lived Falmouth glassworks, and a collection of Falmouth-made mourning art from a group of cousins c. 1806, among other treasures.

The tour of the Wicks House concludes in the newly remolded portrait gallery which contains an excellent collection of oil and pastel portraits of 18th and 19th century Falmouth residents. An eye spy interactive bingo game is available for families on tour to learn more about the collection.

Afterwards, explore downtown Falmouth’s dining options or enjoy a picnic in the Society’s beautiful gardens before taking a noon or 1 pm tour of the c. 1790 Dr. Francis Wicks House. Finish your visit by exploring the Conant House galleries and our new WWII exhibition.

falmouth museums on the green new wwii d-day exhibition
Courtesy of Laura Edson

Best Times to Explore the Falmouth Museums on the Green

Our museum is open Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 10 am to 2 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. To make the most of your visit, plan to spend at least two to three hours at the museum. We recommend arriving shortly after 10 am to enjoy the Visitor Center’s gift shop and welcome video before joining the 10:30 am walking tour.

The Falmouth Museums on the Green calendar is packed with vibrant events, including engaging lectures, concerts, and family-friendly activities. For the latest schedule, visit our website at www.museumsonthegreen.org.  Our season runs until October 18, 2024.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Falmouth Museums on the Green this season as our guest. Voluntary donations and new members are always welcome and appreciated, as these funds support our exhibitions and education programs.




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