Explore Cape Cod’s Haunted History on a Guided Tour

Cape Cod's Haunted History Tour

cape cod’s haunted history tour co

Feeling brave and perhaps a little adventurous as Halloween approaches? Do you dare take Cape Cod’s Haunted History Tour?

Cape Cod has a long history of shipwrecks and old decrepit buildings that inspire many scary tales of unexplained mysteries and haunts. What better way to hear these haunted tales, then first hand from Derek Bartlett, founder of Cape Cod’s Haunted History Tour Co.

The nightly tours start near the Old Jail at the Coast Guard Heritage Museum located at 3353 Main Street in Barnstable. Tours are available for individuals, families, and groups every night from April 16th through November 15th.

cape cod’s haunted history tour coTour guide Derek Bartlett of West Barnstable is the current president of the Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Society. What began as his hobby studying the paranormal, eventually led him to start Barnstable Haunted Tours in 2001, as he realized how many other people were also interested in learning about these stories. Currently about 400 people join his tours each summer.

Choose one of Cape Cod’s Haunted History Tours

The most in-depth, hands-on Ghost Hunters Tour is held each Monday and Friday night. Professional ghost hunters lead this three-hour adventure. This tour investigates rumors of haunts at a local cemetery, aided using sensory equipment to detect paranormal activity. The guides fascinate the participants with tales about The Crocker Tavern House, Barnstable Court House and many more. Besides listening to the incredible stories, you get the hands-on experience of collecting EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon/voices of the dead) while you are walking through the cemetery. This is a 3-hour tour and a one-mile walk. Adults – $20 children 8-12 – $10

A shorter two-hour tour, the Cape Cod’s Haunted History Tour, is held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. This experience shares many historic tales of local “haunts.” The tour explores ghost stories at 10 different locations, including Cobb’s Hill Cemetery, each with scary stories of its own haunts that still continue today.

cape cod’s haunted history tour co

The tour ends at Jail House, which is the oldest wooden jail in the United States, built in the 1690s. Tours takes place every night, except Monday and Friday (when the Ghost Hunter Tours are held). Adult tickets cost $15, child tickets for those 8+ are $8, and tickets for children under 8 years old are free.

Finally, the Love You to Death Tour is a private, 90-minute tour for couples, which focuses on stories of lost loves dating back to the Revolutionary War. The stories on this tour range from the historical settling of Barnstable to the strange and ghastly tales of the supernatural. Some have claimed that a particular haunt has been known to stalk the tour group as it travels through the quaint village of Barnstable.

If you would like more information check out Cape Cod’s Haunted History Tour FaceBook Page.

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