Sandy Adventures with Off-Road Tours On Cape Cod

off-road tours on cape cod


Off-road tours on Cape Cod are a fantastic way to experience the natural beauty and unique landscapes of the region. Here are some options for off-road tours on Cape Cod, including guided adventures like dune tours and Jeep excursions.

off-road tours on cape codUnderstanding the Basics of ORV/OSV

1.  ORV Corridor- Race Point/National Seashore

orv race point beach The ORV (off-road vehicle) corridor of the Cape Cod National Seashore is made up of miles of natural beaches that are protected and managed by the National Park Service. For a self-guided tour, personal 4-wheel vehicles can gain access to this unspoiled corridor by getting an ORV permit, with mail-in or in-person options available at the Oversands Permit Office at Race Point Beach.

The ORV corridor typically opens every year on April 15th and closes on November 15th. Certain parts of the corridor may be closed during nesting season.  Their website will provide you with all of the requirements and regulations for driving off-road at Cape Cod National Seashore.


2. Off Road Vehicles on Sandy Neck Beach

Sandy Neck Beach also has an off-road driving corridor which is available for permitted vehicles. You can obtain a permit for approved four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles as well as two-wheel drive motor homes, but day passes for ORV are not available at Sandy Neck.

The ORV trail begins at the Sandy Neck Gatehouse. The rangers will guide you on protocol for entering and exiting the beach and using the designated area near the gatehouse to deflate your tires before entering the sand.  Sandy Neck does have a compressor but is not guaranteed, so they recommend that every vehicle carries a portable compressor.

Sandy Neck Beach is popular for surf fishing as long as you have the appropriate fishing licenses.  Sandy Neck Beach is also home to various wildlife, including protected species, so it is possible that corridor access can be restricted at certain times.  Typically, night driving is not allowed to protect nesting birds and other wildlife.

 Horseback riding is allowed on the part of the front beach to the closure line until 9pm. Please call the Gatehouse before planning a horseback riding

3. Nauset Beach

The Nauset Beach Over Sand Vehicle(OSV) conservation and recreation area is under the joint supervision of the towns of Orleans and Chatham.

The ORV trail begins at the Nauset Beach Administration Building. Follow the instructions from the rangers for entering and exiting the beach.  Use the designated area near the administration building to deflate your tires before entering the sand.

To avoid getting stuck in the soft sand, maintain momentum with a steady speed and avoid sharp turns to reduce the risk of getting stuck.If you need to stop, try to do so in areas with firmer sand to avoid getting bogged down. Park your vehicle in designated areas and enjoy the beach.

Nauset Beach is also  popular for surf fishing if you have the appropriate fishing license

4.Arts Dune Tours

4 best cape cod 4wd and off-road toursIf you don’t wish to venture on an over-sand adventure in your own vehicle,  Arts Dune Tours provides a guided off-road tour of the protected dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park in Provincetown. The daily tours start in March and run to mid-November with daily departures from Provincetown.

This off-road tour includes a ride in their vehicles to view the dunes and scenic coastal views.  You will be able to roll through the Peaked Hill Bars Historic District dunes, catch sight of Pilgrim Lake nestled among the dunes, and learn the unique history and ecology of the beautiful dunes and the dune shacks.

Some Final Thoughts on Over-Sand Adventures on Cape Cod

If you don’t own a 4-wheel drive yourself,  you can always rent a jeep or a 4WD vehicle for your off-road adventures. You can take your Jeep over the sands and enjoy the pristine beaches and views of the unspoiled coastal Cape Cod environment, instead of the crowded local beaches.

Leaving the well- traveled roads and going on off-road tours on Cape Cod, does carry with it the responsibility of being a good steward to protect this beloved environment.  Stay on designated ORV trails to protect the dunes and wildlife habitats, carry out all trash, and do not disturb plants or animals.

Some trails will be closed during nesting season so it is important to read all rules and regulations thoroughly before heading out. It is equally important to always check tides before entering the OSV trails as sections of the beach may be impassable at high tides.

Exploring Cape Cod’s off-road trails and dunes provides a unique perspective of this beautiful coastal region, offering adventures that range from thrilling dune rides to serene nature explorations. Enjoy your off-road tours on Cape Cod!

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