4 Incredible Aerial Tours On Cape Cod

aerial tours on cape cod

Have you ever wished to see the beautiful Cape Cod beaches and islands from an aerial view? It is one of the most memorable sights you can have.

aerial view bridges cape cod island

If you’re looking for something different from a boat cruise or hiking, then an aerial tour is a perfect option for you. These tours are taken in aircrafts such as the Waco YMF Bi-plane, Seabee, Beech 18, antique taildraggers, and the Cessna Skyhawk.

The most popular aerial tours on Cape Cod are:

1. Cape Cod Airfield

Do you want to catch unbeatable views while flying in a vintage biplane? This ride is one of the best open-air experiences in Cape Cod and can last from 15, to 35 minutes.

person riding biplane taking off cape cod island

The Cape Cod Airfield tour is a bi-plane ride allowing you to ride in a 1930 replica design of the Waco YMF biplane. You will see Cape Cod from a bird’s eye view as you fly over Sandy Neck, Sagamore bridge, and Falmouth.

The Cape Cod Airfield sits in the woods flanked by lakes, oceans, and beaches. It has three grass intersecting runways and is home to 21 private planes such as the antique taildraggers, Beech 18, Seabee, and the Waco YMF-5 biplane.

The plane is an open cockpit, but don’t worry about it getting windy; there is a windscreen. If you’re worried about getting cold, you’re covered too. You’ll be sitting behind the engine, which offers you some warmth.  The Cape Cod Airfield ride is excellent for families and couples looking to have a good time together. It’s a fantastic getaway.

Things to see in the Cape Cod Airfield tour

The ride offers remarkable views of the Cape Cod Canal, Sagamore Bridge, Sandwich, Sandy Neck Beach, and Falmouth.

Sunset packages are also available.  The ride is for one or two persons, but you pay the same price whether you’re one or two, so bring a friend!  Learn more about the Cape Cod Airfield tour on their website.

2. P-Town Air Tours

red plane flying aerial tour cape cod island

The P-Town Air Tours offers you an opportunity to fly over the Cape and catch glimpses of the sharks and seals. From the open-air ride, you witness some of the most scenic views of Cape Cod. You will fly in a renovated 1940 Waco UPF7 Biplane from Provincetown to Chatham.

The plane has a bit of history about it – it was sold in September 1940 to the Department of Defense. At the time, it was used to train pilots in the department. The unique story behind it makes you feel like you’re reliving history as you enjoy your flight.

Things to see

You will see Race Point Lighthouse, Wood End Lighthouse, Long Point Light Station, Cape Cod Canal, Sagamore Bridge, and the dunes and beaches across the Cape Cod National Seashore.


On a good summer afternoon, you will see sharks and whales dancing in the ocean as you soar above them. Available throughout the week, two passengers can fly side by side. The rides can last from 15 minutes up to one hour.

3. Stick’n Rudder Aero Tours


Stick’n Rudder Aero Tours is situated at Chatham Airport. The tours are 30 minutes to 1 hour long, offering a heart-pounding aerial experience of seeing the Cape from Pleasant Bay to the Chatham area. You can choose between a 2-passenger ride in the classic Waco Bi-Plane or the 3-passenger Cessna.

white plane photo cape cod island

It is one of the best ways to see the Cape. From the breathtaking sights of the island to the refreshing view of the sandy shores, this tour offers great views.

Things to see

The flight hovers around the “The Clam Digger”: an area encompassing Chatham, Orleans, and Provincetown. It’s the perfect vantage point to see the Cape Cod National Seashore.

You will also see the beauty of the lower cape region and Monomoy Island. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the sharks.  You can also see Lighthouses such as the Chatham Lighthouse, Nobska Point Lighthouse, and the Nauset Beach Light.

There are two flight options: the Waco Biplane for two passengers and the Cessna Skyhawk for three passengers. Each flight is available for the Washashore, Clam Digger, and the Great White packages.  No matter which tour package you opt for, you’re in for a great sightseeing experience.

aerial view monomoy island cape cod


4. Ryan Rotors


With a fleet of 3 helicopters, Ryan Rotors offers a variety of tours.   There is a weight limit of no more than 225lbs (102kg) per seat.You will fly over Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island.

Ryan Rotors Tour starts at Plymouth Harbor, and then it goes downtown before coming back to Plymouth Municipal Airport. The helicopter rides are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

people riding helicopter ready take off cape cod island

The aerial tours on Cape Cod come with a historic feel. The top tours are the Stick’n Rudder Aero Tours, P-Town Air tours, or the Cape Cod Airfield to enjoy the best bird’s eye view of Cape Cod. From the 1940 Waco UPF7 Biplane of the Department of Defense to the 1930 replica of the Waco YMF biplane, you can’t get these exciting flights anywhere else.




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