5 Best Local Farms for Kids on Nantucket

farms for kids on Nantucket

corn maze crowesWelcome to an enchanting island off Cape Cod, where the 10 best Farms for Kids on Nantucket await to provide an unforgettable adventure for the whole family! Nestled amidst the pristine beauty of this island paradise, these farms offer a unique opportunity for children to immerse themselves in the wonders of agriculture, connect with nature, and learn about sustainable farming practices.

Nantucket, renowned for its charming coastal landscapes and rich history, is home to a collection of family-friendly farms that blend education, entertainment, and the joy of farm-to-table experiences. From interacting with friendly farm animals to picking fresh fruits and vegetables, these farms offer a hands-on exploration of rural life, inviting children to discover the beauty and importance of sustainable food production.

5 Best Farms for Kids on Nantucket: A Summer Adventure

Whether it’s milking cows, collecting eggs, or exploring the colorful landscapes, the Best Farms for Kids on Nantucket are waiting to ignite curiosity, foster a love for nature, and create lasting memories for your family. So, don your sun hats, embrace the island’s idyllic atmosphere, and embark on an adventure that will inspire a deeper connection to the land and its abundant treasures. Get ready to experience the magic of Best Farms for Kids on Nantucket!

1. Bartlett’s Farm

10 best local farms for kids on nantucket

Bartlett’s Farm, the oldest operating farm on Nantucket, is a renowned destination that offers a delightful experience for kids. With sprawling fields of vibrant produce, children can pick their own fruits and vegetables while learning about sustainable farming practices.

The farm offers a variety of hayrides you can choose from, whether you want to learn about the farm’s history, cut your own flowers or pick your own vegetables in season. Tours are rrain or shine but check their website for specific dates and times.

The farm also features a market filled with delicious treats and a garden center. The Farm at Bartlett’s Ocean View is a must-visit for families seeking an authentic and educational farm adventure on Nantucket.

2. Moors End Farm

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Nantucket, Moors End Farm offers a captivating experience for kids. This family-owned farm provides a unique opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of farm animals, including horses, cows, goats, and chickens.

Their Halloween/harvest and Christmas events are a favorite within the Nantucket community.  It’s fun for the whole family with scarecrows, pumpkins and seasonal fun! Moors End Farm creates a memorable and engaging experience that connects children with the wonders of nature.

3. Sustainable Nantucket’s Farm-to-School Program

10 best local farms for kids on nantucket

Sustainable Nantucket’s Farm to School Program is a unique initiative that introduces children to the world of farming and sustainable food practices. Through hands-on activities, farm visits, and gardening programs, kids can learn about the importance of locally grown food and healthy eating habits. Their popular Summer Camp program encourages children to explore the connection between the land and the food they consume, fostering a lifelong appreciation for sustainable living.

4. Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture

10 best local farms for kids on nantucket

Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture, located on Nantucket, is a haven of natural beauty and open spaces perfect for kids to explore. This sprawling farm features rolling meadows, winding trails, and picturesque landscapes that invite children to engage with nature.

Kids can enjoy leisurely walks, observe grazing sheep, and even spot an array of bird species in their natural habitat. With its idyllic setting and abundance of wildlife, Sanford Farm & Ram Pasture provides a serene escape where kids can reconnect with the outdoors and create cherished memories of their time on Nantucket.

5. Milestone Cranberry Bog

Located near the middle of Nantucket, Milestone Bog is an opportunity to see cranberry farming on Nantucket. Historically cranberry growing has been an important part of Nantucket’s agricultural heritage.  Milestone Bog is the oldest and largest cranberry farm that has been continually operated on the Island.

A hike through this property of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation will give children a deeper understanding of cranberry cultivation. Milestone Bog is also surrounded by the rolling hills, grasslands and several fresh water ponds of the Middle Moors – a great place to explore!


Nantucket offers several farm experiences that are tailor-made for kids, combining education, entertainment, and a deep appreciation for nature. These farms provide a hands-on experience where children can explore the wonders of sustainable farming, interact with friendly animals, and immerse themselves in the island’s rich agricultural heritage. Whether it’s picking fresh produce, learning about native plants, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the countryside, these farms offer a unique and memorable adventure for families.

The best Farms for Kids on Nantucket are waiting to spark curiosity, foster a love for nature, and create lasting connections to the land. So, pack your sense of wonder and embark on a summer journey that will leave children with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and importance of farming on Nantucket. If you are looking for more activities on Nantucket check out the best beaches for kids or summer camps on Nantucket.




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