12 Best Beaches for Kids on Nantucket

beaches for kids on nantucket

Nantucket, the charming island off the coast of Cape Cod, is not only known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes but also for its pristine and family-friendly12 best beaches for kids on nantucket 2023 beaches. With its idyllic sandy shores and calm waters, Nantucket offers a haven of sun-soaked fun for kids of all ages. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape or an adventure-packed day by the sea, the beaches for kids on Nantucket have something to offer to every family.

In this article, we will explore the 12 best beaches for kids on Nantucket, highlighting their unique features, amenities, and natural beauty. Get ready to discover the perfect beach for your family’s summer getaway as we unveil the top-rated spots that promise endless hours of fun and relaxation on Nantucket.

Best Beaches for Kids on Nantucket

So, pack your sunscreen, beach toys, and picnic basket as we embark on a journey to discover the 12 best beaches for kids on Nantucket.

1. Children’s Beach (Nantucket Town)

Located in the heart of Nantucket Town, Children’s Beach is a beloved destination for families. The beach features calm and shallow waters, making it perfect for young children to splash and play.  The beach is also home to the iconic Brant Point Lighthouse, adding a touch of maritime charm to the picturesque setting.

With a playground, picnic tables, and restroom facilities nearby, Children’s Beach provides convenience and entertainment for the whole family. There are weekly activities throughout the summer such as puppet shows, music and yoga, make it one of the best beaches for kids on Nantucket.

2. Jetties Beach (Nantucket Town)

12 best beaches for kids on nantucket 2023

Situated on the northern side of the island, Jetties Beach is a popular spot for families seeking both relaxation and adventure. The beach offers a wide sandy shoreline, gentle waves, and lifeguards on duty, ensuring a safe environment for swimming and boogie boarding. Kids can also enjoy the playground, beach volleyball courts, and concession stand. With stunning views of Nantucket Sound and easy access to the town’s amenities, Jetties Beach is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

3. Surfside Beach (Surfside)

Located south of Nantucket Town, Surfside Beach is a beautiful expanse of sand that offers plenty of space for families to spread out and enjoy the coastal atmosphere. This beach is known for its moderate waves, making it ideal for older children who want to boogie board or try their hand at surfing. Surfside Beach is also equipped with lifeguards, restrooms, and a snack bar, ensuring a comfortable and convenient beach experience for the whole family.

4. Cisco Beach (Cisco)

Located on the island’s south shore, Cisco Beach is a picturesque destination known for its scenic beauty and Atlantic surfing. The beach features rolling dunes, expansive sand, and crashing waves, making it a favorite among adventurous families. Kids can explore the tide pools, fly kites, or take a stroll along the shoreline. While swimming may be more suitable for older children due to the waves, Cisco Beach offers a quintessential Nantucket beach experience and breathtaking sunsets.

5. Madaket Beach (Madaket)

12 best beaches for kids on nantucket 2023

Situated on the western end of Nantucket, Madaket Beach is a tranquil and secluded spot where families can unwind and enjoy the island’s natural beauty. With its expansive sandy shores and calm waters, this beach is perfect for kids to splash around and build sandcastles. Madaket Beach is known for its stunning sunsets, providing a captivating backdrop for family photos, and creating a memorable end to a day spent by the sea.

6. Dionis Beach (Nantucket Town)

Located on the northern coast of Nantucket, Dionis Beach offers a quieter and more serene setting compared to some of the island’s more popular beaches. Families can enjoy the calm waters and gentle surfing, perfect for swimming and playing in the waves. Dionis Beach is less crowded than other beaches, providing a peaceful atmosphere and plenty of space for relaxation and exploration.

7. Steps Beach (Nantucket Town)

12 best beaches for kids on nantucket 2023

Tucked away on the northern shore of Nantucket, Steps Beach offers a unique and scenic experience for families. As the name suggests, accessing the beach requires descending a set of wooden stairs, which adds an element of adventure. Kids can explore the rocky shoreline, discover marine life in the tide pools, and enjoy breathtaking views of Nantucket Sound. Steps Beach is also popular among snorkelers due to its clear waters and abundant marine diversity.

8. Siasconset Beach (Siasconset)

Located in the charming village of Siasconset, this beach offers a serene and relaxed atmosphere away from the crowds. Families can enjoy the wide sandy shoreline, gentle waves, and peaceful surroundings. Siasconset Beach also features the iconic Sankaty Head Lighthouse, making it a great place to explore for kids.

9. Polpis Harbor Beach (Polpis)

Situated on the eastern side of the island, Polpis Harbor Beach is a hidden gem that provides a quieter and more secluded beach experience for families. With its calm waters and beautiful views, this beach is ideal for families with young children who want to enjoy a tranquil day by the sea. The beach offers a peaceful retreat away from the crowds, allowing kids to safely swim, play in the sand, and explore the shoreline.

10. Great Point Beach (Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge)

12 best beaches for kids on nantucket 2023

For families seeking an adventurous and off-the-beaten-path beach experience, Great Point Beach is the perfect destination. Located at the tip of the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, this beach offers a unique blend of natural beauty and wildlife encounters. Accessible by a four-wheel-drive vehicle or through a guided tour, Great Point Beach is known for its breathtaking views, dunes, and chances to spot seals and shorebirds. While swimming conditions may vary, the beach provides an opportunity for kids to explore the unspoiled surroundings, collect seashells, and appreciate the island’s diverse ecosystem.

11. Miacomet Beach (Nantucket)

Located on the southeastern coast of Nantucket, Miacomet Beach offers a serene and scenic setting for families to enjoy. With its wide stretch of sandy shoreline and moderate waves, this beach is ideal for leisurely walks, building sandcastles, and flying kites. Miacomet Beach is also popular among surfers, providing an exciting opportunity for older kids to catch some waves. The beach is equipped with lifeguards during the summer months, ensuring a safe environment for swimming and water activities.

12. Dionisio Point Beach (Nantucket)

12 best beaches for kids on nantucket 2023

Situated on the northern tip of Nantucket, Dionisio Point Beach offers a secluded and pristine beach experience for families. Accessible by a short hike through scenic trails, this beach provides a tranquil escape from the busier areas of the island. Kids can enjoy the calm waters, go beachcombing for shells, and explore the natural surroundings. Dionisio Point Beach is known for its breathtaking views of the ocean and the nearby Tuckernuck Island, making it a hidden gem worth discovering during your family’s Nantucket adventure.


The beaches for kids on Nantucket offers a wealth of options for families seeking the perfect seaside getaway. From the calm and shallow waters of Children’s Beach to the adventurous waves of Surfside Beach, each beach provides a unique and enjoyable experience for kids of all ages. Whether you’re building sandcastles, splashing in the waves, exploring tide pools, or simply relaxing under the sun, Nantucket’s beaches cater to every family’s desires.

The island’s beaches for kids on Nantucket not only offer natural beauty but also provide a range of amenities, including lifeguards, picnic areas, playgrounds, and nearby facilities. Whether you’re looking for a lively atmosphere with beachside games and activities or a tranquil retreat away from the crowds, Nantucket’s beaches deliver. The area’s rich maritime history and iconic landmarks, such as lighthouses, add an extra layer of charm to the beach experience.

So, pack your beach essentials, apply sunscreen, and get ready for a memorable family adventure on the beaches for kids on Nantucket’s shores. Whether you choose the popular and bustling Jetties Beach or opt for a more secluded spot like Madaket Beach, Nantucket’s beaches promise endless hours of fun, relaxation, and the opportunity to create treasured memories with your loved ones.

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