The Flower Cottages of Truro

flower cottages of truro

The Flower Cottages of Truro in Cape Cod are a historic landmark well loved by the flower cottages of truroartists, photographers, and travelers. The 22 identical cottages sit along the beach, each with white paneling and green shutters and doors, matching the sea. The small homes are actually called the Days Cottages, and they are currently a condominium colony, often rented out by the owners. The iconic New England landmarks lay on Beach Point between Provincetown and North Truro, and to this day they offer a unique opportunity to experience a quaint, relaxed view of private beaches in Cape Cod.

History of the Flower Cottages of Truro

These cottages began their history in the early 1900s when Joseph A. Days the flower cottages of truropurchased land along either side of the state road running through Beach Point. Provincetown residents found the idea to be odd as the land was just barren dirt and sand at the time, earning the project the moniker of “Days’ Folly” in the ‘20s. After the 1929 stock market crash that started The Great Depression, the only house on Days’ property was in such disrepair that he burned it down in a beachside bonfire. At the time, he oversaw F.A. Days and Sons Construction. The Depression meant that they were out of work, so in the fall of 1930 they began to build the first 9 cottages, a rental office and home for Days and his wife, and a market. They began business in 1931, having a profitable inaugural year. More cottages were constructed over time, and Joe’s wife Amelia had the idea to name the cottages after flowers. Improvements were continually made, and the business was eventually passed to Joe’s sons, and then his grandson. The cottages are as popular as ever and are a historical tourist attraction. The cottages are now privately owned after being sold off, and many of the owners rent them out year-round. Some of the interiors of the cottages have been renovated, but the outsides are still identical. The 2021 season marked 90 years since the story of these beautiful cottages on the water began their life.

Renting a Cottage

Several of the scenic flower cottages are available online for rental on websites like Airbnb and Vrbo. The Days Cottages website features a reservations page where the flower cottages of truroyou can contact the owners of 12 of the cottages about rental periods and prices. Each is independently owned and operated, and some are available to rent all year. On the cottage’s communal website, many of the rental options feature independent websites that describe amenities, provide rental options, photo galleries, and more. As they are privately owned, the method of rental, services and amenities provided, and prices will vary. While some cottages are not available to rent, the opportunity to stay in such a historic and beautiful Cape Cod location is unmatched. With a fairly secluded location, identical and aesthetic style, and a calming view of the oceanfront, few locations can offer such a package.

What to do in Truro and the Outer Cape

At the cottages themselves, the best things to do are relax on the private the flower cottages of trurobeaches, spend quiet time reflecting and appreciating the beauty of the Cape Cod area, and reconnect with friends, families, and other cottage dwellers. Many cottages offer things like kayaks for those who want to paddle out into the spectacular ocean sights. While the Days Cottages are the perfect place to spend a low-key week relaxing, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do nearby.

  • Truro Vineyard: The Truro Vineyard sits between the Atlantic and Cape Cod Bay, offering a highly rated location to try local wines and spirits. With everything from informative tours to food trucks stopping by, tastings and more, this location is a beautiful gem to stop by and relax at, or stock the fridge in your cottage!
  • the flower cottages of truro
  • Explore nearby beaches: With highly rated beaches surrounding the area, if your cottage’s oceanside space isn’t keeping you content, check out some of the nearby options. The Cape Cod National Seashore is home to a slew of well-loved and celebrated beaches.
  • Days Market and Deli: For those staying in the Days Cottages, visiting the market is a must! The market and deli were originally operated by Joe and Amelia Days when they operated the cottages. It was originally a fully operating grocery store for visitors in the area. While it changed hands recently, the market and deli still offer great food, several options, and is a central part of the area’s history.
  • Take a trip into Provincetown: Provincetown is one of the most frequently visited areas on Cape Cod, and with good reason! Home to large swathes of beautiful beaches, 3 miles worth of art galleries, museums, and plenty of spectacular restaurants, businesses, and shops, if you’re looking for a busier night close by the cottages, P-Town is the place to be. It has been a long-time hub for artists, earning it the moniker of “America’s oldest continuous art colonies.” Writers, poets, artists, and so on have used this area as a creative hub and workspace for over 100 years. The town is also known to be a historical gay and lesbian travel destination. Provincetown offers frequent events for LGBTQ+ people, and the town goes out of its way to offer an accepting and inclusive community to all populations.


Few locations can offer such a rich history, as well as unparalleled beauty and uniqueness. These small cottages give visitors the chance to be a part of a storied history of Cape Cod visitors who all appreciated the same simple surroundings and community. With chances to appreciate and explore nature, community, and the simpler things in life, and plenty of things to do a short trip away, the whole family can enjoy the Flower Cottages of Truro.




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