Top 15 Locations to Kayak in Cape Cod

Top 15 locations to kayak in Cape Cod

Having one of the most dynamic and accessible coastlines in the Northeast region of the country, Cape Cod offers fantastic opportunities for ambitious kayakers.

where to kayak in cape cod?The diversity of the water bodies is what makes Cape Cod the best spot for kayaking.

You can quietly maneuver across its vast shoreline and even see some wildlife on your way. Or, if you want, you can kayak through a lake or still pond without coming across rough weather and water.

You can also look for a stream or river where you will have access to both ponds and the ocean.

Cape Cod is a peninsula that offers just about every body of water imaginable. From calm creeks to rough oceans, there is a kayaking spot for every level of kayaker on Cape Cod. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best kayaking spots in Cape Cod.

Fifteen unique places to kayak in Cape Cod will give you the experience to remember and cherish. It is also super easy to rent a kayak in cape cod, thanks to numerous companies operating in the region.

Want to explore these places further? Here we tell you all about it, read on!

1) Nickerson State Park

Location: 41.7586° N, 70.0271° W

Nickerson State Park is one of the best places in Cape Cod to go kayaking. With over six ponds including Cliff, Flax, Little Cliff, Higgins, and Eel you will have plenty of places to choose from. All six where to kayak in cape cod?ponds are accessible via dirt roads so you can check them all out when visiting to see which is the least crowded or most appealing. If you’d like to make a day trip out of it, all six ponds are fairly close to each other. Therefore, you can move from pond to pond without having to load your kayak in and out of your car.

The Nickerson State Park is about 1,900 in size, and it is known for its attractive ponds. Some of the ponds most loved by tourists in this park are Little Cliff, Eel, Flax, and Higgins. These ponds can be accessed by road, which makes it super easy to travel to the park.

One of the best things about this park is that most of these ponds are situated close to each other, so you can easily portage between them. You can explore numerous kettle ponds as you kayak.

The larger bodies in this park also touch some beautiful beaches where you can swim and come across sea life.

2) Nauset Marsh

Location: 41.8297° N, 69.9506° W

With its saltwater, the Nauset March is one of the most fertile areas near Cape Cod. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, otters, and seals, which you can quickly see as you paddle through the streams.

where to kayak in cape cod?

The Nauset Marsh is the perfect place for beginner and advanced kayakers alike. The streams and surrounding creeks are great for beginners while venturing out into the ocean can offer a challenge for those more experienced kayakers. Regardless of your skill Nauset Marsh offers a large variety of wildlife that is sure to entertain anyone exploring its waterways.

There are open water bodies located here as well, such as Salt Pond Bay, beside tidal creeks. This diversity makes Nauset Marsh an exciting ecosystem to explore. You can quickly enter the marsh through the Town Cove in Eastham.

3) Pleasant Bay

Pleasant Bay shares a fantastic and expansive shoreline with Harwich, Orleans, Chatham, and Harwich. The largest contiguous Bay in the area has 7,800 acres of saltwater.

where to kayak in cape cod?

At the Pleasant Bay, you can explore barrier beaches, alt ponds, and undeveloped islands. You will also have the chance to come across diverse coastal wildlife, which will make your experience ten times memorable.

4) Bass River

Location: 41.6437° N, 70.1992° W

Bass River is the largest river located at Cape Cod between Dennis and Yarmouth. The river is known for its serenity and peacefulness. You can ride the powerboats on the river, always respecting the speed limits.

where to kayak in cape cod?

The river is also known for its diversity, as there are numerous inlets, coves, and marinas you can explore here. If you move towards the north of the river, you will come across Follins and Dinahs Pond, as well as the Kelleys Bay.

At five miles long, it connects Yarmouth and Dennis with the potential to access the river from either town or a boat ramp at Smuggler’s Beach. Powerboats are allowed on the river, but their speed is restricted. You can spend a lovely day on the river exploring one of the many inlets or even stopping for lunch at one of the marinas along the river.

5) El Pond Landing

Located in East Falmouth, the El Pond Landing begins with a fantastic wildlife reserve towards the right of Washburn Island. In this way, you can come across a stunning ecosystem if you choose to kayak in this area.

Towards the north of the region, there is the Seapit River. You can also travel further up to the Waquoit Village through the Childs River. In this way, you can kayak across wide rivers away from the hassle of the city at El Pond Landing.

6) Wequaquet Lake

Location: 41.6699° N, 70.3405° W

where to kayak in cape cod?

Wequaquet lake is also a good choice when it comes to kayaking in Cape Cod. You can find a boat launch at the north end of the lake. There are also various parking spots available across the area.

The lake is quite massive and peaceful, surrounded by many uninhabited islands. There are many local attractions in the area as well since it is near a large residential area.

Wequaquet Lake is a beautiful lake located in Barnstable. It’s rather exclusive as there are only twelve parking spots at the boat launch on the North End of the lake. If you are lucky enough to get a spot, you will be rewarded with a large, peaceful lake with plenty of uninhabited islands to explore.

7) Barnstable Harbor

where to kayak in cape cod?

This 7-mile-long harbor is surrounded by numerous marshes, forests, and dunes. In other words, it is a collection of a beautiful coastline and protected islands that makes kayaking a dreamy experience.

At the backend of the harbor lies a 4000 acres Great Marsh, which adds further charm to the overall tourist experience.

8) Scorton Creek

where to kayak in cape cod?

The Scorton Creek is a tidal river that falls into the Bay of Cape Cod.

You can paddle through the Juncus and Spartina grass and dive across the Atlantic silversides as you make your way through the Creek.

9) Chase Garden Creek

Located In Yarmouth, the Chase Garden Creek comprises 93 acres of a diverse marsh habitat just miles away from the Barnstable Harbor.

The tidal fluctuations in the area make it a perfect place for kayaking while bird watching and fishing.

10) Herring River

Location: 41°55′30″N 070°03′28″W

where to kayak in cape cod?

Located in the lower peninsula, Herring River is appropriately named after the herring that spawn there each spring. You travel up the four miles of river that leads to the fish ladder that aids the herring in this process. The boat launch is located off of the Cape Cod Rail Trail which offers a ton of parking and a nice recreational area to walk around after you are done kayaking.

11) Mashpee River in Mashpee

Location: 41.5959° N, 70.4661° W

where to kayak in cape cod?

Located in the Upper Peninsula, the Mashpee River is great for anyone looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of society. Due to its location in a conservation area, the houses near the boat launch quickly fade away leaving you lost in a sea of vegetation. Be careful traveling the river at low tide as the river is shallow and there is the potential of beaching your boat.

12) Hathaway’s Pond in Barnstable

Location: 41.6838° N, 70.3126° W

Hathaway’s Pond located Mid Cape in Barnstable is the perfect spot for beginning kayakers. It’s a small, freshwater pond that is calm with little to no current. This is the perfect place to get comfortable on the kayak and learn the basics.

13) Prince Cove in Osterville

Location: 41.6425° N, 70.4116° W

Another Mid Cape location, Prince Cove is a great spot for kayaking in Osterville. This estuary is a wonderful place for fishing off of your kayak. Its osprey towers and calm waters also make it great for a casual couple of hours spent kayaking.

14) Gull Pond in Wellfleet

Location: 48.5643° N, 58.4521° W

where to kayak in cape cod?

Gull Pond is located on the Outer Cape in Wellfleet. The conveniently located boat rental is great for anyone who isn’t able to bring their kayak along with them. The pond is connected to a string of additional kettle ponds. You can reach Higgin’s Pond via the Sluice and you can then continue on to Williams Pond.

Where can I kayak in Chatham, Ma?

where to kayak in cape cod?

If you want to Kayak in Chatham, Ma, you can head over to the Outermost Harbor Marine, which strives at the “elbow” of Cape Cod. The harbor is known for its natural beauty, as well as numerous excursions.

Besides kayaking, you can go on wildlife tours or simply rest on the beautiful south beach near the harbor.

Where can I kayak in Provincetown?

where to kayak in cape cod?

Provincetown lies in the northern part of Cape Cod.

You can kayak across Provincetown and enjoy city life, as it hosts numerous restaurants, shops, nightclubs, and lounges.

How much does it cost to rent a kayak in Cape Cod?

It can cost anywhere from $35 to $150 to rent a Kayak in Cape Cod.

The prices depend upon the type and size of the Kayak and the total time frame of the rental.

Places to Rent One

where to kayak in cape cod?

1. Cape Cod Kayak

The Cape Cod Kayak company offers numerous rental options. You can rent a kayak on a daily or weekly basis.

You can even rent it exclusively on the weekends. Some of the exclusive kayak options are light touring, tandem recreational, and high-end recreational.

2. Ride away Adventures

The Ride Away Adventures also offer exciting Kayak renting opportunities. You first need to choose whether you want to pick the Kayak from the store or get it delivered to your location.

Prices depend upon the location you choose, as well as the number of hours for which you want to rent the Kayak (1, 2, or 6 hours).

3. Flyer

The Flyer is located in Provincetown and is known for its large fleet of boats, kayaks, Rhodes 19, and Sunfish.

The prices for renting Kayaks again depend upon the number of hours and type.


Cape Cod Kayak Tours & Activities

where to kayak in cape cod?

There is no doubt that kayaks are the best crafts for going through shallow areas and viewing the natural beauty of water bodies.

In Cape Cod, diverse water streams, rivers, and oceans serve as an ecosystem for many sea creatures.

Exploring these ecosystems can be much more exciting if you go on a kayak tour and take part in activities. Here is a brief list of what you can do:

  • Fishing
  • Sightseeing
  • Swimming across the water bodies
  • Ecotour
  • Bird watching
  • Whale watching

Want to know more about Cape Cod? Check out our guide here.

It’s Easy, Just Plan and Come…

Cape cod is one of the best getaways if you plan your vacation or want to kayak across a serene area.

You can rent a kayak easily and even find a group to go on a tour with.




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