Best Cape Cod Wineries and Breweries

best cape cod wineries and breweries

Cape Cod is the perfect place to kick back, relax and enjoy your favorite adult beverage. Let’s look at some of the best Cape Cod wineries and breweries.

Whether you’re a craft beer expert or a wine connoisseur, Cape Cod has something for everyone.

Some of the best Cape Cod wineries and breweries  include:

top 9 best cape cod wineries and breweries

  • Wineries:
    • Truro Vineyards
    • First Crush Winery
    • Cape Cod Winery
  • Breweries:
    • Cape Cod Beer
    • Barnstable Brewing
    • Devil’s Purse Brewing
    • Naukabout Brewery and Taproom
    • Hog Island Brewing
    • Bad Martha’s


Best Cape Cod Wineries

You don’t often think about wineries when you think about Cape Cod; however, the few wineries on the Cape offer an excellent selection with gorgeous views.

Truro Vineyards

wineries 2

11 Shore Road (Route 6A), North Truro, MA 02652 
(508) 487-6200

Truro Vineyards has been a family-owned and operated business since 2007. Located in between the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay, you couldn’t ask for a better location for a winery.

While visiting the winery you can do a tasting in their barrel room or outside under their pavilion. They even offer a free tour of the winery.

Truro Vineyards is the only vinifera vineyard in the region, making it one of the best Cape Cod wineries. They grow Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, and Merlot on their five-acre farm and source grapes from other vineyards for additional varieties. They appropriately offer a Lighthouse series with a few select wines served in wine bottles shaped like lighthouses.

Cape Cod Winery

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Cape Cod Winery is located in Falmouth and is located on Oxford Road. The is located on what used to be one of the area’s first strawberry farms and later was turned into a potato and dairy farm.

True to its heritage, the wineries’ featured wine is a Rosé entitled “Mermaid Water.” It’s filled with strawberry and raspberry aromas.

The winery has a dog-friendly outdoor tasting area. They do serve food, but you are also welcomed to bring your own food as well.

First Crush Winery

wineries 4

First Crush Winery is located in Harwich and owned by Frank D. Puzio. They offer tastings in their award-winning tasting room.

Unlike the other wineries located on the cape, First Crush Winery sources all of its grapes from Napa Valley. They claim that this gives their wine a superior taste.

Another unique feature of this winery is its Coop Membership Program. Members are required to reserve at least two cases of wine (24 bottles) and get the unique experience of participating in the wine-making process by attending member-only wine-making events.

Best Cape Cod Breweries

If you are more of a beer drinker, than a wine drinker, Cape Cod has a wide variety of breweries to offer. Each craft brewery on the cape has its own vibe and style of brewing.

Cape Cod Beer

brewery 7

Cape Cod Beer opened its doors in 2004 and is located in Hyannis. With a focus on customer service, quality, community, and conservation, Cape Cod Beer is a great place to grab a pint or two.

One of the most unique features of the brewery is its tap handles. Curated by local artist Steve Swain, each tap handle is individually created out of metal. With a distribution of about a 50-mile radius from the brewery, you can try Cape Cod beer in bars and restaurants if you can’t make it to the brewery.

Barnstable Brewing

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Located in Barnstable, MA Barnstable Brewing has been in operation since 2017. The brewery is family-owned with the father/son duo of Mark and Peter Connor leading the brewing process.

Co-owner Peter Connor made his way into brewing after successfully winning the Samuel Adams “Come to Brew with Us” challenge for some of his homebrews. Mark, the son of Peter, became a certified brewmaster while studying in Munch, Germany.

Years of experience mixed with a strong education and creativity had led to Barnstable Brewing creating some of the best brews on the cape. They have indoor and outdoor seating at the brewery and are available for curbside pick-up.

Devil’s Purse Brewing

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Devil’s Purse Brewing is a smaller brewery located in South Dennis. Despite its size, it offers a nice variety of selections year-round.

Its flagship beer is the Handline Kölsch. The beer is designed to be clean, crisp, and refreshing in an effort to pair perfectly with a day spent fishing.

Naukabout Brewing Company

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Naukabout Brewing Company is the perfect place for an afternoon with the family. Naukabout has a wide array of activities for everyone in the family including live music, movie nights, backyard games, and sporting events.

In the spirit of being family friendly Naukabout claims to have a drink for everyone. From New England IPAs to fruit beers there’s something for every palate. They even have non-alcoholic homemade root beer for the kids.

Hog Island Brewing

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Hog Island Brewing was built by locals of the Cape Cod area. As a result, they keep they always steer the creativity of their beer and company with the locals in mind.

The brewery offers a great variety. They offer live music and even provide tours of the brewery with a tasting at the end.

Where’s the name Hog Island come from? Hog island is located in Little Pleasant Bay in Orleans and overlooks Nauset Beach. It’s rumored that Captain Kidd buried treasure there, but it was never found. This company feels that the brewery is its own form of liquid treasure!

Bad Martha’s

wineries 10

Bad Martha’s has been open since 2014. It’s located in Falmouth and even has a second location in Edgartown.

Bad Martha takes a unique approach by including grape leaves in every beer that it brews. You’ll have to visit the breweries website to hear the clever story behind the reasoning. Story aside, the inclusion of grape leaves connects the taste of each beer to the cape.

How Do I Choose the Best Cape Cod Wineries or Breweries?

If you are having a difficult time choosing between some of the best Cape Cod wineries and breweries listed above, go to several! You can’t really go wrong sipping on wine or beer in one of America’s most beautiful places.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend the day, check out our article on farm, food, and beverage tours on Cape Cod. There you can find information on an afternoon-long beer tour that will take you to several of the cape’s breweries.




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