Winter Walks with Vineyard Conservation Society

vineyard conservation society

Are you suffering from winter doldrums? If so, a walk outdoors in the beautiful Martha’s Vineyard area might be the ideal solution to lift your mood. During the winter months, why not take a guided winter walk at the Vineyard Conservation Society?

About the Vineyard Conservation Society

winter walks with vineyard conservation societyThe Vineyard Conservation Society (VCS) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1965 to help preserve the natural habitats around Martha’s Vineyard through a combination of protection, advocacy, and education. The group also strives to focus on the Island’s environmental issues that are occurring due to the world’s changing climate. They also provide public education, legal defense, and political advocacy to help maintain and create a sustainable environmental future.

The VCS acts as a facilitator to protect the open spaces of Martha’s Vineyard by helping devise conservation restrictions or assisting in the purchase of property via a public agency or land trust using public outreach, fundraising, or legal advocacy.Through the challenging work and dedication of VCS, many open spaces are now protected.

Protected Spaces of  the Vineyard Conservation Society :

  • Gay Head Cliffs
  • Native Earth Teaching Farm
  • Allen Sheep Farm
  • Flat Point Farm
  • Katama Farm
  • Eastville Beach
  • Frances Newhall Woods Preserve
  • Edgartown Harbor Wetlands & Lighthouse Beach
  • Katama Airport
  • Mill Brook Watershed
  • Lobsterville Moors
  • Mermaid Farm
  • Native Earth Teaching Farm
  • Moshup Trail Heathlands
  • Southern Woodlands
  • Nip ‘n’ Tuck Farm
  • Sailing Camp Park
  • West Tisbury Village
  • Morning Glory Farm
  • Polly Hill Arboretum
  • Waskasims Rocks

As a non-profit membership organization, the VCS helps preserve the environment through member action and support. They focus not only on the protection of the area’s land but also the water.

The Importance of VCS Legal Defense

winter walks with vineyard conservation societyOne of the cornerstones of the VCS’s mission is a winning environmental legal defense. VCS has spent more than two decades defending the Moshup Trail’s coastal heathlands in Aquinnah to halt developers from building an access road for a subdivision that would harm fragile resources in the area. Land development has already eradicated over 90% of the wild moors. Road building combined with house construction fragmented the land. The litigation was protected and reached all the way to the Supreme Court. However, due to the dedication of VCS, the Moshup Trail is conserved and safe.

Great Ponds Episode One: On Our Watch Short Film

Anyone interested in the VCS should what the short film, Great Ponds: On Our Watch which was directed by Ollie Becker and produced by the MV Film Festival & Vineyard Conservation Society. The short film explains the history of the Island’s ponds and how they play a vital role in the ecosystem. It also highlights what can be done to save the coastal ponds while interviewing Islanders. The film’s collaboration started in the fall of 2022 between the VCS and the MV Film Festival.

Winter Walks with VCS

winter walks with vineyard conservation societyDuring the wintertime, why not explore Martha’s Vineyard with a winter walk? The VCS hosts winter walks which are both fun and informative. During the walk, you’ll enjoy the great outdoors while learning the conservation history of the land and its many ecological attributes.

All the winter walks that are hosted by the VCS cover numerous properties that the group has strived to protect through the years.

Each of the winter walks starts at 10 am sharp and will last approximately two hours. You’ll need to make reservations because the walks are extremely popular. Be sure to wear appropriate winter wear to stay warm.

Join the Vineyard Conservation Society

The VCS believes there is strength in numbers, and they welcome new members with open arms. They strive to promote awareness to reach workable solutions for the community and the environment. The goal is for all members to work together to protect the island’s resources. Learn more about joining the VCS HERE.

If you are still on the fence about joining the VCS then why not participate in a winter walk to deeply appreciate the beauty and magnificence of Martha’s Vineyard? After strolling through the winter wonderland, you’ll see the need to protect and preserve the natural habitats.




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