Day Trip Attractions in Plymouth

While Plymouth has enough to see and do for several days, it also is a great day trip destination. Located only about 40 miles outside of Boston, you can leave 10 day trip attractions to plymouthyour hotel in Boston and be back for dinner the very same day.

In this article, we will cover some popular day trip attractions in Plymouth that you can visit to help make the most of your time there and look at some of the best ways to get to Plymouth from Boston.

How to Get to Plymouth from Boston:

Most people taking a day trip to Plymouth come from Boston. You have three potential ways to get to Plymouth:

  • Driving
  • Train
  • Bus

How Do I Get to Plymouth from Boston by Driving?

10 day trip attractions to plymouthIf you have a car and a group larger than two people, driving from Boston to Plymouth is the most cost-effective way to get there. You simply need to follow I-93 S and take exit 15A and you are there.

Time: With no traffic, it will only take about 50 minutes each way; however, traffic can be unpredictable.

Cost: It should only cost you the price of gas and then parking is about $2 per hour throughout the town.

How Do I Get to Plymouth from Boston by Train?

If you don’t have a car, the easiest and most cost-effective way to get to Plymouth from Boston is via the commuter rail. Trains run hourly on the Kingston Line and there is a station in Plymouth.

10 day trip attractions to plymouth

Time: It takes about an hour to get from Boston to Kingston via train.

Cost: $20 per person roundtrip

NOTE: Service directly to Plymouth via train is currently closed with plans to re-open in July 2022. For now, you can take a train to Kingston and get an Uber or Taxi to Plymouth. The ride is only about 10 minutes.

For more information and schedules visit the MBTA website.

How Do I Get to Plymouth from Boston via Bus?

If you aren’t keen on taking the train you can also get to Boston by riding the bus. There are several different operating companies, but P&B runs hourly.

It’s important to note that the bus drops you off at the Plymouth Park & Ride. Therefore, you would still need to take a taxi to get to the historic port of Plymouth.

10 day trip attractions to plymouth

Time: About an hour depending on traffic.

Cost: $36 roundtrip

Attractions in Plymouth:

Plymouth Patuxet Museums and Waterfront Exhibit

Address: 137 Warren Ave, Plymouth, MA 02360

10 day trip attractions to plymouthOne of the best ways to spend a day in Plymouth is by taking a visit to the Plimouth Patuxet Museums and Waterfront Exhibit.

At the museums, you’ll find a recreated 17th-century village where you can interact with Pilgrims living in 1627. Additionally, you can head over to the Wampanoag Homesite where present-day Native Americans will teach you about their heritage and what life was like when Plymouth was founded.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you busy for a day, the waterfront exhibit has a recreation of the Mayflower that you can explore.

Village Landing Market Place

Address: 170 Water Street Plymouth, MA 02360

10 day trip attractions to plymouthIf you are looking for a relaxing day by the water head over to the Village Landing Market place. This market offers a collection of local shops, wine tasting, and eateries. Coupled with the gorgeous views of Cape Cod Bay, the location simply cannot be beaten.

If you’ve explored all the Village Landing Market Place has to offer there are tons of other shops and parks within the immediate vicinity.

Edaville Family Theme Park & Railroad

Address: 5 Pine St, Carver, MA 02330

10 day trip attractions to plymouth

Take a ride on one of the oldest heritage railroads operating in the United States today. Then head into the family-geared theme park focused on the themes of railroading and cranberry harvesting.

Pilgrim Memorial Park

Address: 79 Water St., Plymouth, MA 02360

10 day trip attractions to plymouth

Another great way to spend the day overlooking the water is by visiting Pilgrim Memorial Park. Here you can visit Plymouth Rock, take a cruise around Cape Cod Bay or simply stroll along the water taking in the beautiful landscaping and scenery.

If you get hungry or need a drink, head across the street to Pebbles or the Pillory Pub.

Mayflower Society House

Address: 4 Winslow St, Plymouth, MA 02360

10 day trip attractions to plymouth

The 18th century Mayflower Society House is a great way to get an idea of how some of Plymouth’s most influential families have lived over the course of three centuries. The house is open for tours and is worth visiting for a few hours if you are in Plymouth for the day.

Make sure you stop by the Colonial Revival Gardens before moving on. The landscaping against the historic house is absolutely stunning.

Pilgrim Hall Museum

Address: 75 Court St, Plymouth, MA 02360

10 day trip attractions to plymouth

The Pilgrim Hall Museum is a great way to spend half of a day learning about the history of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag. The museum has several original artifacts from the Pilgrims and does a wonderful job of telling their story.

The museum itself is a part of history, being the oldest continuously operating museum in the United States.

Myles Standish Forest

Address: 194 Cranberry Rd, Carver, MA 02330

10 day trip attractions to plymouth

If you are looking for a day full of outdoor fun, look no further than Myles Standish Forest. With over 13 miles of hiking trails, you certainly will have plenty to explore. From gorgeous ocean water views to local wildlife there is something exciting waiting around every trail bend.

If hiking isn’t your thing, there is also a beach, a recreation area, and horseback riding available. There is also a boat ramp.

Plimouth Grist Mill

Address: 6 Spring Ln, Plymouth, MA 02360

10 day trip attractions to plymouthThe Plimouth Grist Mill is a recreation of the original water-powered mill that was located on the same spot in 1636. While visiting the mill you’ll get a first-hand look at the workings of the mill’s gears, grinders, and wheel seeing how one of the most important crops to the Pilgrims was utilized.

You’ll even have the opportunity to take home some of the freshly-ground cornmeal to use for yourself at home!

Plymouth Beach

Address: 136 Warren Avenue, Plymouth, MA 02360

10 day trip attractions to plymouth

If you are looking for a day at the beach, take a visit to Plymouth Beach. Unlike a lot of other beaches in the area, Plymouth beach has a sandy shore as opposed to rocks.

The beach can get crowded so make sure to get there early to get a parking spot. If you need to use the facilities, Sandy’s is open.

Fishing Charter

Address: Dependent Upon Charter

10 day trip attractions to plymouth

Plymouth is home to some of the best fishing on the east coast. Taking a day trip to hire an 8-hour fishing charter out of Plymouth is well worth the trip. Most charters will provide you with all of the fishing gear that you need and offer a wide variety of different experiences.

For more activities in check out our  Must-See & Do for Plymouth.




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