The Best Wedding Cake and Catering on Cape Cod

While the Cape is an amazing place to have a wedding, the key to making yours memorable is choosing from all the unique options of wedding cake and cateringchoosing the best wedding cake and catering on cape cod on Cape Cod. Throughout the Cape are great venues that offer their own full-service catering and many that require external services.

Part of the fun of becoming engaged is all the planning that comes into play to make your wedding unique, deciding the details that make a wedding stand out and be memorable.

Venues with Catering

Several factors should be considered when choosing the best wedding cake and catering on cape codselecting a wedding venue including the ambiance and size of a space you need depending on your anticipated guest list.

Searching for a venue is fun by itself. The bride could envision how she will feel doing the walk down the aisle to see what feels right. Exploring the many great venues on the Cape should be part of the exciting adventure.

Depending on your vision, you may want a venue that offers an all-inclusive package and can take care of all of the food, drinks, and wedding cake under one roof.

External Catering Services

There are many private caterers as well as accommodators to help provide full meal services. If you are a foodie, take the time to visit these services with an open mind and empty stomach. Most will host a food sampling. Once you choose a caterer you can then sample dinners as you decide the final menu.

Cape Wedding Menu Ideas

catering on cape codOnce the type of venue is decided the next step will be to explore menu options. There are local chefs who offer wide menu and catering services or many of the great Cape restaurants offer full catering services.

When one thinks Cape wedding, one usually thinks about a seafood menu. If you want to offer a clambakes or seafood spread you may consider Clambakes, etc. in Osterville or Sumptuous Catering in Orleans for a more traditional sit-down type of meal.

Choosing a Wedding Cake

Of course, a statement wedding cake is critical to an amazing wedding. The cake is important as part of the wedding décor and should always be a delicious way to end an amazing meal. Many of the catering venues may include a wedding cake as part of their package, like The Casual Gourmet in Centerville. This may be your choice to simplify things but if you are adventurous keep cakes and catering on cape cod

Find a Wedding Cake Bakery

There are great bakeries throughout the Cape and wedding cake options can be tailored to the couple’s unique vision. If you are a chocolate lover Chocolate Rose in Mashpee and on route to P-Town. Most villages have their own signature bakeries as well. Be sure to call ahead to see if they can accommodate your wedding cake vision. What’s more fun than eating cake? Take advantage of the chance to go to various caterers to sample their cake options. If you have a sweet tooth this may be the best part of the planning.

Let’s Find the Bartender

img 1089Everyone enjoys raising a glass of champagne to toast the newlyweds. If you wish to use local spirits, there are many breweries and wineries to choose from on Cape Cod. As you consider caterers, bar service will also be a factor in making your ultimate choice. While some of the larger venues may have their own bar services, private venues may require a special license and external bar tending service to be hired. There are several for hire full-service bartenders that can provide a full set-up for your wedding event.

There are many steps that go into planning a unique wedding. Choosing the best wedding cake and catering on Cape Cod are important elements of the planning. Take each opportunity as an adventure and have fun as you plan your special day.




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