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Boat Cleaning/Maintenance Services in the Cape Cod Region

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Date: January 2024

When it comes to boats, maintenance isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. Cape Cod and its surrounding islands offer some of the finest boating experiences on the East Coast, but to keep those adventures afloat, boat cleaning and maintenance are paramount. 

This guide will provide you with the companies that offer these essential services to boat owners in the region. From hull cleaning and engine maintenance to detailing and winterization, these experts ensure your vessel remains seaworthy. 

1. Bosch Marine


Address : 114 Long Pond Rd Ste 10 | Plymouth, MA 02360

City/Town : Plymouth

Bosch Marine in Plymouth offers top-notch boat cleaning and maintenance services for both power and sail vessels. With a wide range of services, including engine repairs, electronics installation, and preventative maintenance, they ensure your boat operates smoothly. Their expertise in marine HVAC and refrigeration, along with generator installation and repair, makes them a one-stop shop for all your boating needs.

2. Atlantic Boat Rentals

atlantic boat rentals

Address : 210 S Meadow Rd | Plymouth, MA 02360

City/Town : Plymouth

With over a decade of expertise, Atlantic Boat Rentals in Plymouth provides reliable boat cleaning and maintenance services. Their skilled team offers a wide array of services, including engine repair, fiberglass repair, and winterization. Whether it's accessory installation or engine tune-ups, they ensure your boat is in optimal condition. Trust their experience for worry-free boating seasons.

3. Precision Aero Marine Inc


Address : 10 Aero Park Dr | Plymouth, MA 02360

City/Town : Plymouth

Precision Aero Marine Inc has been a trusted name in boat cleaning and maintenance for over a decade in Plymouth. Their experienced team offers a wide range of services, from engine repair to custom rigging. With personalized service and expertise in marine engines, they ensure your boat is in top-notch condition and ready for your next adventure on the water.

4. Safe Harbor Plymouth

safe harbor plymouth

Address : 14 Union St | Plymouth, MA 02360

City/Town : Plymouth

Safe Harbor Plymouth is your premier choice for boat cleaning and maintenance in Plymouth. With a certified technical staff and a large full-service facility, they offer a wide range of services, including general repairs, electrical work, fiberglass services, and more. Whether you need winterizing solutions or year-round care, their experienced team has you covered, ensuring your vessel stays in top condition.

5. New England Propeller Inc.

new england propeller inc

Address : 9 Apollo 11 Rd | Plymouth, MA 02360

City/Town : Plymouth

New England Propeller Inc. in Plymouth, with over 85 years of experience, is your trusted partner for boat maintenance. Their skilled team offers a range of services, from propeller repairs to general maintenance, ensuring your vessel is in excellent condition. Whether you need a new prop or ski boat service, they have the expertise to keep your boating adventures smooth sailing.

Diligence in Cleaning and Maintenance Ensures Peak Boat Performance

In the world of boating, diligence in cleaning and maintenance is the key to ensuring your vessel remains in peak condition. On Cape Cod and its neighboring islands, an array of skilled professionals stands ready to assist you in this endeavor. 

From routine cleanings to specialized repairs, these services keep your boat shipshape, enhancing safety and preserving the natural beauty of the Cape and islands for generations to come. So, set sail and explore the stunning maritime treasures this region has to offer, knowing your vessel is in capable hands.