Cape Cod Fishing Boat Rentals: the Ultimate Guide

cape cod boat rentals

The open-access waters and miles of shoreline that the Cape offers make it the ideal place to net some fish.

fishing boat dock cape cod boat rentals

You can rent fishing boats–from pontoons to center consoles–from companies like Down Cape Boating for durations of 2, 4, or 8 hours. Price ranges vary to suit all budgets–from $500 for 4 hours to $250 for an entire day. You need to know the basics of operating it, be above 18, and have a driving license to rent one.

In this post, we’ll list a few of our favorite picks for people on all budgets and tell you about some trusted rental companies. Read on to find out more!

Cape Cod Fishing Boat Rental Suggestions

Some popular Cape Cod boat rentals include: 

  • The 20’ Boston Whaler, which seats nine and costs $465 for 2 hours.
  • The 16’ Ventura Boston Whaler by All Cape Boat Rentals seats six people and is priced at $275 for 2 hours.

Most Boat Rental companies require the renter to be at least 25 years of age and to have some boating experience.

20’ Dauntless Boston Whaler

This boat, equipped to carry nine people by the All  Cape Boat Rentals Company, has 200 HP and can be rented for 2, 4 (half day), or 8 hours (full day rental).

Rental rates start at $465 for 2 hours and go up to $775 for 8 hours.

This is a bowrider with bow seating for four people and five other seats behind the windshield. The boat is ideal for sun, shade, fishing, and swimming with your family.

Parking for your car at the dock area is free. You need to pay for gas, which costs around $20/hour.

boat tied dock rentals on cape cod

(Image source: All Cape Boat Rentals)

The company needs you to be at least 25 to rent the boat. A boating license is not required, although experience is needed. For an additional fee, the staff can instruct you on how to operate the vessel.

Dogs are allowed, and if you want to fish, you need to bring your fishing gear. Rod holders are provided. 

16’ Ventura Boston Whaler

This bowrider is suitable for six people. With 90 HP, the boat can be rented for 2 hours at $275, 4 hours at $395, and 8 hours at $595.

Passengers can lounge in the sun, go fishing, or play some water sports.

Whether you go with your family or friends, it’s the ideal little boat to enjoy the Cape’s beauty and seafood.

Morning rentals depart at 8.30 and afternoon rentals at 1 pm. All boats must be brought back by 5 pm.

Since this boat is also offered by the All-Cape Boat Rentals company, the exact requirements apply to those mentioned for boat #1.

A note on fuel consumption: the amount of fuel you burn will depend on how far and how fast you go. Half-day rentals can burn from 3-10 gallons of fuel. Similarly, you burn half the fuel going at ¾ throttle than you do at full throttle.

8 Person Center Console

This boat can be rented for your fishing endeavors in the region of Osterville or Monomoy for a low $225/hour for a minimum of 2hrs.

This boat comes with a captain, so you don’t need to be experienced to rent it. The captain will do all the steering for you and guide you to the best fishing regions.

This 28-feet boat is well equipped with life jackets and fishing gear for all your fishing needs. If your plans change, they give you a full refund up to 5 days prior.

The boat has very positive reviews on Get My Boat, and people speak highly of the expertise of the captains and the quality of the fishing gear.

dock boats rentals on cape cod

(Image source: Get My Boat)

18’ Nautico Suzuki 70 HP

The boat comes at $225 for half a day and $345 for the whole day and accommodates five people.

To rent one, you need a driver’s license, need to be at least 21 years old, and the boat must be picked up and dropped off at Stonebridge Marina.

The company accepts cards and cash. The morning times are 8-12 pm, evening times are 1-5 pm, and the whole day is from 8-5 pm.

Check out Atlantic Boats Inc.’s website for more details on other boat options too.

person driving boat rentals cape cod

(Image source: Atlantic Boats, Inc.)

Their boats have fantastic reviews, with customers praising the efficient and helpful service and spacious docking facility.

14’ Sturdee Cat Sailboat

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option in Wellfleet, this boat starts at $100 for a two-hour excursion.

You can take your boat anywhere inside Great Island, Billingsgate Island, and the remains of the Target Ship.

You can rent this boat anytime from 8-6.30 pm.

The Wellfleet Marine is open from mid-June to mid-September; keep in mind they charge a fuel surcharge and a 6.25% Mass. sales tax on all rentals.

For a security deposit, you need a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card.

sailboats dock cape cod boat rentals

(Image Source: Wellfleet Marine)

20’ Outrage

This boat is the most popular option from Ship Shops and comes in both bowrider and center console styles. The boat is suitable for seven people and is well suited for fishing.

If you want the cheapest offer, the best solution is to rent it out in the AM for 2 hours, and that’ll cost you around $310. 2 hours in the PM will cost you $350.

If you want to rent for a half-day in the AM, it’s $470, ten and half a day in the PM is $530. The company will charge you separately for gas. The average half-day rental utilizes around 3-10 gallons of fuel.

You don’t need to have a license to rent Ship Shops’ boats but should have some experience with sailing and must be at least 25 to rent one. You should bring your fishing gear. Dogs are also allowed.

You’re allowed to go up to 10 miles from the mouth of the Bass River, which means you can access Harwich Port, Hyannis, Chatham, and Monomoy Island. Morning rentals depart at 9 AM and afternoon rentals at 1 PM.

You can ask for a boat captain for an additional fee if you feel you’re not experienced enough to maneuver the boat independently.

interior photos of boats rentals on cape cod

(Image: Ship Shops)

Bentley 24’

This Pontoon boat offered by Flyer’s Boat Rental is large enough for ten people. It costs $500 for four hours and $750 for eight, which is reasonable considering how many people it accommodates.

It is powered by a 60HP engine and comes with comfortable seating and bimini tops for shade. Cancellations 48 hours or more in advance–or due to turbulent weather–are fully refunded.

Their rentals don’t come with a captain, which means one must be experienced enough to steer the boat. Although a boating license isn’t needed, you need to be at least 18 and not under the influence to drive one.

Parking is available–although limited–and dogs are allowed. You are advised to come at least 15-20 minutes in advance to listen to the informative briefing and understand the safety equipment.

You can take the boat from the green buoy off Long Point to Pamet Harbor.

According to reviewers, boats are well-equipped, and staff provides knowledgeable briefings on how to operate them.

7 Rental Platforms & Companies to Rent a Fishing Boat in Cape Cod

Popular Boat Rental Companies include All Cape Boat Rentals, Flyer’s Boat Rentals, Wellfleet Marine, and Ship Shops.

Most companies need the renter to be at least 25 and have some boating experience. Boats generally seat 4-12 people, and prices go according to 2, 4, and 8-hour rentals.

1.Get My Boat

This is one of the largest marketplaces for yacht charters, boat rentals, and on-the-water experiences.

You can rent boats from locals and companies alike and scroll through hundreds of reviews from previous travelers.

2. Flyer’s Boat Rentals

Flyer’s Boat Rentals offers a variety of options, from Pontoon Boats to Center Consoles to Skiffs. Their boats can accommodate 4-10 people.

Their center console can take up to 5 people and is powered by a 115HP engine. It’s ideal for fishing and can be rented at $500 for 4 hours and $750 for 8.

Their skiff accommodates four people, is made of fiberglass, and is moved by a 10HP four-stroke engine. Their Rhodes 19 sloop seats six and is only rented out to the most professional.

Both these boats can be rented for $150 for 2 hours.

Their Ocean kayaks are available for one-person/two-person accommodation and cost $20/hour. If kept overnight, there’s an additional $20 fee.

Boats aren’t allowed out in hazardous weather conditions.

3. All Cape Cod Boat Rentals

This rental service offers pontoon boats that can house up to 12 people and come at rates ranging from $895 for ten people to $575 for nine-eleven people for four hours. These are strongly powered boats with HPs between 200-225.

Their bowriders range from a 90HP boat at $245 for two hours for six people to a 135HP at $375 for seven and a 225HP at $475 for ten people.

Their Center Consoles cost $275 for 2 hours for a 90HP boat that accommodates 7. There are also boats that sit 12, priced at $895 for 4 hours, running at 225HP.

4. Atlantic Boats, Inc.

Their 5-person boats start at $225 for half a day, with 6-10 person boats going to $300 for the same duration.

All gas is paid directly to the marina, and the damage deposit is $750.

5. Wellfleet Marine

These guys are located at the Wellfleet Town Pier and Marina.

They have cheaper boating options, with a 19′ Rhodes sailboat priced at $127 for two hours and $37 for each subsequent hour or a 16’ whaler at $90 for 1 hour. 

6. Ship Shops, Inc.

If you are less experienced, they offer a 16’ Center Console that’s perfect for you. It’s easier to manage, and gas costs are included in the fee.

It’s powered by a 50HP engine and can seat five people, and can be rented at $225 for 2 hours in the AM, $255 for 2 hours PM, $355 for half-day AM or $400 for half-day PM.

Other boats include the 20’ Bow Rider housing seven, whose pricing ranges from $310-$660 (gas not included), and the 24’ Boston whaler that houses ten and is priced between $370-$795. Both boats come with a captain if you pay an additional fee.

If you want to fish, you can bring your gear. You can get bait on RTE 28–less than a mile from their docks at Riverview Bait & Tackle.

7. Miss Savannah Charters

The Miss Savannah Charters are located in Bass River Marina in West Dennis, and Miss Savannah is a 40’ boat that can fit up to five of your friends.

They charge $600 for 4 hours on the boat up to $1100 for 10 hours. 

This is for when you fish for Striped Bass, Bluefish, Sea Bass, or Porgy. Shark or Tuna fishing costs $1500 for 12 hours, and Fluke fishing costs $1600 for 12 hours.

They also tailor trips according to your requirements.

Types of Boats you Can Rent

The best fishing boats include Pontoon –known for their buoyancy–catboats and bowriders.

Center Consoles are perfect for fishing in offshore and deeper waters, while fishing kayaks and bay boats are suitable for protected areas.

Boats are great for people on a budget and are used for fishing, clamming, and crabbing.

Pontoon Boat

people fishing boat cape cod fishing charters

Pontoon Boats are flatboats that are very buoyant.

Their buoyancy makes them ideal for added features like bars, lounge chairs, etc., and are popular as “party boats.”

They’re perfect for large groups of people and families. You can easily fish off the side of the dock of this boat.

Center Console

These boats are ideal for fishing in turbulent conditions and offshore waters because they are designed to provide a comfortable, stable ride.

These boats have their steering station in the center of the ship.

Center Consoles are ideal for deep-sea fishing.


These are family boats since they have room enough for eight or more passengers. They’re best suited for lakes and inland waters.

Fishing Kayaks

person fishing kayaking in cape cod island

These are great for fishing in protected waters.

Bay Boats

group of boats dock cape cod boat rentals

These are a type of saltwater fishing boat that, like the fishing kayak, is also best suited for protected waters.


boat water rentals on cape cod island

These are open boats with only a hull, a power plant, and a few seats and are ideal for fishing, crabbing, or clamming.

They’re great for people on a budget.

Fishes you Can Catch in Cape Cod

Cod and Haddock

cod haddock fish photo cape cod island

Cape Cod’s namesake fish and its cousin–the Haddock–are abundant in Cape Cod waters. Their white meat is delectable, and these creatures can be found year-round in Massachusetts waters.

These fish are in massive demand in the North Atlantic region.

Striped Bass

photo of striped bass fish cape cod island

The best time to fish for the state saltwater fish, the Striped Bass, is the months of May-October. 


bluefish photo cape cod island

These sea creatures are the easiest to fish since they’ll bite anything you use as bait, making them a good catch for beginners.

They can be found in the shallow waters of the flats and bays from May to October, along with the Striped Bass, Flounder, and Scup.

Bluefin Tuna

bluefin tunas photo underwater cape cod

Their meat is high-quality and expensive, and these are the most popular fish worldwide.

Catching these large creatures is an adventurous feat as you fish for them in the chilly waters of the Cape and try not to get pulled down into the water as they take the bait.

Stellwagen Bank has the largest Bluefin tuna in the world. They should be fished in late June-October, and you can use chum slick, plastic squids, and artificial lures as bait.


photo mackerel fish three sliced lemon cape cod island

These fish will feed on anything, which means you can use many options as bait–like sabiki rigs, small fish, crab, clams, sea worms, etc.

They should be fished in May-September.

Mako Shark

These are the fiercest sharks and will put up a fight when you catch them.

An experienced angler should accompany you to prevent any unexpected injuries.

Fish these from June-October.

Porbeagle Shark

porbeagle shark photo underwater cape cod island

These look quite a bit like great whites but what differentiates them is a white patch at the bottom of the dorsal fin. They will eat bait as large as tuna.

Make sure you bleed and ice the shark flesh right away. If you don’t intend to consume them, let them go.


Cape Cod is a fantastic fishing destination that offers many boats rental options, ranging from pontoon boats to sailboats.

They can generally be rented in 2, 4, and 8-hour increments and are available for people on all budgets. Skiffs are the most affordable boat option.

We hope you find this guide helpful for picking the ideal rental boat for you. If you have any questions or tips of your own, let us know!

Happy Fishing!




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