Craigville’s Anniversary Celebration

Craigville 150th year celebration

craigville 150th year celebrationThe summer of 2022 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the village of Craigville, or what used to be known as the Christian Camp Meeting Association (CCMA). This summer will be packed with fun events for everyone to enjoy in the Craigville 150th year celebration of the village’s long history.

About Craigville

Craigville was founded in 1872 by the New England Convention of Christian Churches. The camp was originally referred to as Camp Christian or the CCMA. However, the town was renamed following the death of Dr. J. Austin Craig in 1881.

Craigville is in southern Barnstable, just between the villages of Centerville and Hyannisport. The village has its own beach, cottages, roads, and retreat center. However, the highlight of the town is its Tabernacle.craigvillepostoffice recent2

The village of Craigville is made of many organizations, including:

  • Christian Camp Meeting Association (CCMA)
  • Craigville Cottage Owner’s Association (CCOA)
  • Craigville Retreat Center (CRC)
  • Red Lily Pond Project Association (RLPP)
  • Craigville Beach Association (CBA)
  • Craigville Tennis Club (CTC)
  • Craigville Post Office
  • Craigville Painters

The village is almost run completely by volunteers making it a unique community.

Craigville 150th Year Celebration

In honor of its 150th anniversary, Craigville will host a wide array of events, from musical performances to a replication of the famous “Big Sunday.” Events will occur from Thursday, July 14th through Thursday, August 11th.

Big Sunday

bigsundayadThe highlight of the Craigville 150th Year Celebration will be Big Sunday.

When the New England Convention of Christian Churches first met for a 10-day meeting in 1872, the high point of the meeting was Big Sunday. On that day, the Tabernacle tent, which could hold almost 600 people, was full, with hundreds of others sitting around the outside of the tent. There were over 44 tents and cottages on-premise to host the festivities.

Craigville hopes that Big Sunday in 2022 will be even larger than that original celebration in 1872. There will be a morning service held in the Tabernacle at 9:30 am with a village picnic on the bluff from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Music Festival

The music festival commemorating 150 years of Craigville will run from July 14th through August 11th. The following events are included in the festival:

  • Tabernacle Organ Celebration – July 14th – featuring the Hook and Hastings organ that was built in 1881.
  • International String Trio – July 21st – a group of talented musicians playing a variety of genres of music.
  • Craigville: The Musical – August 4th – A Craigville original featuring local talent directed by Ed Deyton.
  • Open MIC Night – August 11th – A show featuring the talents of local musicians.

Heritage Series

The heritage series for the Craigville 150th Year Celebration is a three-part series focusing on Cragville’s past, present, and future. Talks will run from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm and cover:

  • Craigville: The Land and Its People – Tuesday, July 19th – A look at the archeology, geology, and people who have called Craigville home for over 10,000 years.
  • Modern Craigville: The Founders- July 26th – a look at the founders of Craigville and what they believed.
  • Craigville: the Future – August 2nd – A look at the future of Craigville and where it is headed.

Criagville House Tour

Get an inside look at four of the beautiful cottages located in Craigville. The tour is on Sunday, July 24th, from 12 pm to 4 pm. All proceeds will benefit the Red Lily Pond Project.

Stella Maris Kayak Procession

A solemn procession of canoes and kayaks with lights on their bows will grace the waters of Lake Elizabeth on August 5th. The event will occur at Dusk and will be absolutely beautiful.

For a full list of events occurring for the 150th-year celebration, visit the Craigville Website.

More to do in Barnstable

If you’re headed in from out of town for one of the events of the Craigville 150th year celebration, make a day of it and visit one of the other 7 villages of Barnstable. While visiting a few of the towns, check out one of the 16 best things to do in Barnstable.




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