Dogs on Cape Cod in the Winter of ’24

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Cape Cod is a great place for walking and a great place for dogs, so naturally there are plenty of great paths, trails, and parks perfect for dogs on Cape Cod! Let’s take a look at some of the best spots for dogs on Cape Cod in the winter.

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Can I bring my dogs on Cape Cod to beaches?

Winter is actually a great time to visit the beach with your dogs on Cape Cod. Not only are there less crowds to navigate around, the beaches are more likely to be open to dogs in the winter, since it’s not the nesting season for endangered shorebirds like the piping plovers.

If you’re hoping to hit the beach with your dogs in Cape Cod in the summertime you’ll need to be sure to check local restrictions, as many beaches, including those within the Cape Cod National Seashore close to dogs from late March to mid-October to protect the endangered shorebirds like the piping plovers when they are nesting and raising their young.

Can my dog be off leash on Cape Cod?

Regardless of the time of year, be sure to check the rules and regulations of your destination, as some have leash restrictions while others do not allow pets at any time. offers a comprehensive list of what beaches on the Cape allow dogs, and what the restrictions might be at any given destination.

Long Point Beach in Provincetown is a popular option, though you’ll want to be sure you know the tides before setting out on your walk. In addition to great beach and water views, this trail also provides great views of a historic lighthouse. At 4 miles long the trail will tire you and your dog out!

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In addition to running along beaches, there are other great spots to take your dogs on Cape Cod. There are tons of great trails that are located away from the piping plovers, in spots that are wooded or inland.

Consider visiting Lowell Holly in Mashpee and Sandwich. The trail winds around native holly trees, skirting the edge of a kettle hole pond. Dogs are sure to enjoy cooling off in the freshwater pond and roaming up and down the root-covered trails.

The Long Pond Trail in Barnstable also offers a range of fun paths and fields that will be enjoyed by two-legged and four-legged adventurers alike. That trail skirts around a pond and has a hidden rope swing! Nickerson State Park in Brewster is always a popular and busy spot for people and dogs!

If you’re looking for something a bit more straightforward for walking your dogs in Cape Cod, consider walking your dog on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, or along the Cape Cod Canal. These paths are for the most part flat, paved, and removed from traffic, aside from pedestrians and bikes!

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Aside from all the great trails available to dogs on Cape Cod, there is also an abundance of dedicated dog parks on  the Cape. There’s Pilgrim Bark Park in Ptown, Best Dog Park in Orleans, Barnstable Dog Park, Mashpee Dog Park, FreshPond Dog Park in Dennis, Falmouth Dog Park, and Yarmouth Dog Park.

These spots are perfect to let your dog run around and let off steam after the long car ride to get to your destination on Cape Cod. Dog Parks can also be great spots to meet other pet owners and to hear about some of their favorite spots to get out walking with their dogs on Cape Cod during any season!

If you cannot bring your pets with you on vacation, check out Pet Boarding on Cape Cod.




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