10 Best Fishing Charters in Plymouth, MA

Plymouth, Massachusetts is home to some of the best fishing in the world. From sharks to tuna, and cod to haddock there is a ton of variety of fish just waiting to 10 best fishing charters in plymouth, massachusettsbe discovered.

As you can imagine, such a great fishing location has tons of fishing charters led by captains with years of experience. With so many options, choosing the right charter can be overwhelming. This guide covers the top 10 fishing charters in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

We’ve done the research so that all you have to do is pick the one that best suits your needs!

10 Best Fishing Charters in Plymouth:

Cuz Charters

Address: 14 Union Street, Plymouth MA 02360

Phone: 508-269-2074

Website: cuzcharters.com

Cost: $700 to $1,300

Captain Ed Kislauskis has been fishing in the waters off of Plymouth for over 40 years. Ed has expertise in catching fish throughout all seasons and absolutely loves what he does.

Cuz charters offer a 4 hour, 6 hours, and 8-hour fishing trip. You have the option to combine your fishing trip with a whale watching and sightseeing tour as well.

You’ll be traveling in a 29’ Shamrock vessel that can comfortably fit 7 anglers. The boat is fully rigged for fishing and all equipment is provided.

At the end of the trip Captain Ed will take you to a local restaurant on the dock where chefs will expertly prepare your food for a post-trip meal.

Black Rose Fishing Charters

Address: Water Street, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States

Phone: 508-269-1882

Website: blackrosefishing.com

Cost: $550 to $1,250

In operation since 2004, Black Rose Fishing Charters is captained by Rich Antonio. 10 best fishing charters in plymouth, massachusettsThe boat is a 25′ Parker 2520XL that has an entire bow designed just for fishing.

The boat is extremely quiet and comfortable allowing for you to enjoy your day at sea. Additionally, Captain Rich has the ability to dry tow the boat in order to access the best fishing locations.

Black Rose offers a wide variety of different trip options. Two of the more notable trips include shark fishing and Giant Tuna fishing.

Captain John Boats

Address: 10 Town Warf, Plymouth, MA 02360

Phone: 508-556-1426

Website: captjohn.com

Cost: 4hrs – $60 per person, 8hrs – $95 per person

Captain John Boats is a larger operation than the charters discussed so far. They have a fleet of five boats and several captains to staff their fleet.

Their boats are rather large so you will be fishing with other guests. However, if you are looking for a private charter you are able to contact them to discuss renting out a boat for just you and your crew.

They offer a cheaper alternative to renting an entire boat for the day, but you will have to pay a $10 fee to rent and use their fishing equipment.

Reel Time Fishing Charters

Address: Union Street, Plymouth, MA 02360

Phone: 508-340-8329

Website: reel-timefishingcharters.com

Cost: $500 – $1,100

10 best fishing charters in plymouth, massachusettsReel Time Fishing Charters is captained by Captain Roland Lizotte III. With years of experience, Captain Roland is focused on providing a good teaching experience for novices and advanced anglers alike.

The company’s boat, The Reel Fin Addict, is a 33 Shannon Brendan Downeast Express. The boat hits high speeds to get you to the best fishing spots as quickly as possible. Additionally, the boat performs great in all weather conditions, so you never have to fear an incoming storm.

Wavelength Fishing Charters

Address: 432 Long Pond Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360

Phone: 508-746-6749

Website: wavelengthfishingcharters.com

Cost: $600 to $1,100

Wavelength Fishing Charters has been in operation since 1988. Captain Dave has over 25 years of fishing experience and is sure to get you to the right spot.

The company has two 31 ft. J.C. fishing boats. Both boats have covered seating for travel and fishing chairs for reelin in your catch. The company provides all the equipment that you need to catch a fish.

If you don’t have a group to go with, the company will take individuals out for a four-hour trip for only $125 per person. There does have to be at least four passengers in total for the boat to go out.

Plymouth Charters

Address: 19 Town Warf, Plymouth, MA 02360

Phone: 508-326-3185

Website: plymouthcharters.com

Cost: $1,100 to $1,450

Owned by Navy Seal Veteran Captain Mark, Plymouth Charter claims the title “America’s Fishing Charter.” Captain Mark will ensure that you, your family, and your friends have a safe and enjoyable trip.

The charter’s boat, The Fire Escape, is a 35′ Terry Jason Downeast. The boat has a dry deck with plenty of room for fishing and a comfortable cabin to relax in. The boat can only accommodate up to 6 people

The rates are noticeably higher than the other charter because the shortest trip duration is 8 hours. All previously listed charters have at least one 4-hour option.

Labrador Fishing Charters

Address: 82 Old Dock St, Scituate, MA 02066

Phone: 508-498-4716

Website: labradorfishingcharters.com

Cost: $450 to $1,300

Located in the nearby town of Scituate, Labrador Fishing Charters is a great option for deep-sea fishing and whale watching alike. Captain Don “Soup” Campbell has over 25 years of fishing experience and is happy to give assistance and advice during your trip.

The company’s boat, The Labrador, is a 32′ BHM commercial fishing vessel. While it may not be as fast as some other boats, it can manage almost any kind of weather.

1620 Anglers

Address: Plymouth, MA

Phone: 508-818-0881

Website: 1620anglers.com

Cost: $300 to $1,000

Captain Rick and Captain Mike have been fishing the waters of Plymouth, MA for several years. They have a ton of experience with fishing striped bass and will 10 best fishing charters in plymouth, massachusettsteach you their techniques if you hire them as a charter.

1620 Anglers has two boats. Captain Rick is at the helm of a North Coast 235 Hard Top. The boat has a spacious cabin for those cold New England days. It can accommodate up to four people, but three is preferred for comfort.

Captain Mike heads a Sea Pro 259 Deep V. While the cabin isn’t as large it can accommodate up to 5 people, with 4 being preferred for comfort and safety.

Plymouth Rock Charters

Address: Plymouth, MA

Phone: 508-528-0801

Website: plymouthrockcharters.com

Cost: $600 to $1,250

Captain Thomas Smith has been fishing the Cape Cod waters for over 45 years and his experience and knowledge demonstrate that. His love of fishing is apparent every time that he takes out a charter.

The company’s boat, Escapades, is a Pace Express Sport Fisherman that can accommodate up to 6 people. The boat has two mobile gimbal chairs and a fully equipped Tuna fighting chair. The boat is spacious and comfortable.

Flyin’ Finn Charters

Address: Town Wharf, Plymouth, MA 02360

Phone: 617-480-2157

Website: flyinfinncharters.com

Cost: $450 to $1,500

Flyin’ Finn Charters offers a wide variety of trips including multiple different fishing options. The company boat, The Flyin’ Finn, is captained by Tom Lundy.

The boat is a brand new 43’ Hatteras SX. The cabin has a restroom and a refrigerator for convenience. While the back of the boat has plenty of room for up to six anglers at a time.


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