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golfing on nantucket

Golfing on Nantucket is a special treat for the avid golfer. There are four beautifully manicured courses for golfing on Nantucket. While all four courses are located on the water, each has its own distinct feel and complex challenges.

The four courses for golfing on Nantucket include:

  • Miacomet Golf Course
  • Sconset Golf Course
  • Sankaty Head Golf Club
  • Nantucket Golf Club

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Nantucket and Sankatay are private courses, while Sconset and Miacomet are open to the public. In this article, we will look at what makes golfing on Nantucket unique.

Miacomet Golf Course

Miacomet, meaning “the meeting place,” was once inhabited by the Wampanoag tribes. The 400-acres of land was purchased in 1956 by Ralph P. Marble. He originally intended on using the land as a pasture for raising cows.miacomet However, he instead decided to build a year-round golf course that opened in 1963.

The course originally opened as a 9-hold course but later expanded to 18 holes in 2003. The original 9 holes were re-done entirely in 2007, giving the course a needed update.

Today Miacomet Golf Course is open year-round to the public. The course offers a mix of challenging yet playable holes, making it an excellent spot for golfers of all levels.

The Old ‘Sconset Golf Course was designed by John Grout in 1894 and officially opened in 1899, making it one of the oldest golf courses in the country. The 9-hole course is also known as Skinner’s for the longtime owner/superintendent Robert “Skinner” Coffin. This course provides an old-world golf experience with its converted farmland and farmhouse-turned-clubhouse. The land has been owned and protected by the Nantucket Island Land Bank since 2012 and was named 2020’s “Golf Course of New England” by the New England Golf Course Owners Association.

Uniquely, the course still does not require a tee time. There is a placeholder golf ball rack at the first tee to hold your place in line.

This is a great place to teach kids the game, as kids can play for just $15, and the shortened 9-hole course makes for a much more manageable day for youngsters.

Nantucket Golf Club(private) is considered a world class course and is reported to feature one of the highest membership fees in the world. The Historical Society notes that, “The closest tourists and most islanders can get to the course is along the bicycle path to ‘Sconset.”

The Nantucket Golf Club is perfect for golfers looking for exclusivity and pristine playing conditions. The course uses professional caddies and has restrictions on the use of golf carts.

Sankaty Head Golf Club(private) is located on the beautiful eastern edge of Nantucket and is considered a premier links course and features views of Sankaty Head Light in addition to one of the country’s few remaining caddie camps.

The Sankaty Head Golf Club was opened in 1923 and is only available to members and their guests. If you do choose to become a member, you will also get access to the club’s private beach and tennis courts.

Golf Courses on Nantucket

With four unique courses to choose from, golfing on Nantucket has a course for every style of player. Suppose you are looking for a family outing or relaxed style of play, head over to Sconset Golf Course. Those looking for a challenging course and a professional atmosphere should look into applying for membership at Nantucket Golf Club.

Other Courses in the Area

nantucketIf you are venturing off the island, there are plenty of other courses available to golfers on  Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Plymouth.

Additionally, if you’re golfing on Nantucket, make sure to spend the rest of your time exploring the island. You can explore all that Nantucket has to offer on our page about Nantucket.





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