Pride on Cape Cod

pride on cape cod

June means Pride on Cape Cod! The Cape Cod region, including Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, has lots of great events to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

lgbtq+ pride on cape cod

Pride on Cape Cod takes many forms, from colorful parades to group nature walks, book, film, and art events, shows, and so much more! Let’s take a look to learn more about Pride on Cape Cod.

History of Pride on Cape Cod

When folks think about LGBTQIA+ Pride on Cape Cod, Provincetown is sure to be top of mind. While the community on the tip of the Outer Cape has long been a haven for members of the LGBTQ+ community, it actually didn’t celebrate its first official pride event until 2018.

provincetown 01While official Pride on Cape Cod in Provincetown is relatively new, the community has long been a haven for members of the LGBTQ community. Located on the outermost tip of the Outer Cape, Provincetown has always been a unique community. The New England Historical Society reports, “Unlike other colonial towns, Ptown didn’t get a charter. And unlike other Puritan towns, it didn’t have to support a minister. The residents lived outside of the Puritans’ strict social order. Well outside.” They go on to describe the transient, seasonal community that formed on the tip of the Outer Cape.

The town grew and changed, remaining unique throughout the years. The 1840’s brought Portuguese fishing families from the Azores. The arrival of the railroad also brought tourists to Provincetown. When the Portuguese men were off fishing, their wives rented out spare rooms to visitors, including many single men who enjoyed the freedom of this unique little community, returning year after year. Beginning just before the 1920’s the town became home to a thriving community of artists, playwrights, and other creative minds. The isolation of the community, far removed, allowed inhibitions to be shed, and visitors to be their authentic selves.

Becoming a Refuge for LGBTQ+

The community and its reputation as a refuge for LGBTQ+ visitors have only grown over time, making it a perfect place to celebrate Pride on Cape Cod year-round. Members of the LGBTQ+ community have made Ptown their year-round home, while others flock to the region as visitors each summer.

This year, tens of thousands will celebrate Pride on Cape Cod with the 7th annual event put on by the Provincetown Business Guild. Be sure to mark your calendars for Provincetown Pride from May 31- June 2, 2024!  From the Pride festival and rally at Town Hall, to the Queer Comedy showcase and the annual Feet Over Front Street Pride 5K , there are events for all!

If you miss the month for Pride on Cape Cod, Provincetown has tons of other LGBTQ+ events year-round, continuing to live up to it’s reputation of gay pride and inclusivity for all.

 Pride on Martha’s Vineyard

Starting June 7th Oak Bluff kicks off their Pride Plans with a flag raising, live music and lots of food. Local organizations will host educational programs, workshops, and talks throughout the weekend to spread awareness about LGBTQ+ issues and promote inclusivity.

Saturday the annual Pride Parade forms at the Island Queen and ends at Ocean Park, where you can enjoy the after-parade band. There will be festive beach parties, concerts, special screenings of LGBTQ+ themed movies and documentaries throughout the weekend and culminating with a drag brunch on Sunday.

nantucket prideNantucket Pride All Month Long

The Nantucket Pride begins with the Opening Bash at Cisco Brewers on May 31st and  is followed by a month of Pride activities from the Decorated Car Parade & Picnic on June 2nd and the Island’s 2024 Pride Tea Dance on June 9th with music, dancing, and drag performances, to the beloved Queer Prom at the Atheneum on June 22nd.

Plymouth Pride Month

The town of Plymouth hosts most of their Pride Events later in the month to allow Plymouth Pride to march in the annual Boston Pride Parade on June 8th.  June 23rd in Plymouth Pride Kite Day from 10am at Nelson Park. Then the Plymouth Pride Festival returns to Nelson Park on June 30th with music, entertainers, drag performances, a beer garden,craft and retail vendors, LGBTQ+ resources, food trucks, a pet contest, and more!

Be sure to check out more June Events or our events calendar for more fun happenings on the Cape and islands.

Happy Pride Month for the entire Cape Cod Region!!




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