Welcome to the Cape Cod Xplore Photo Challenge Results 2022

Our Photo Challenges highlight the changing seasons, beaches, light houses, trails, landscape, wildlife, salty marshlands, the flora and fauna of Cape Cod and the surrounding region. The photos below are from the most recent contest, captioned with the name of the photographer, location and title of the image. Cape Cod Xplore Photo Challenge prizes are sponsored by local banks or businesses.

  CCX Spring Photo Challenge Results 2022

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1st Place
sandwich boardwalk
“Sandwich Boardwalk”, Sandwich by Michael Mondville Michael lives in South Plymouth only minutes from the Cape Cod Canal. He absolutely loves to photograph the Cape from top to bottom. Some of his favorite areas are Falmouth, Sandwich Boardwalk, Cape Cod Canal bridges and absolutely everywhere from Eastham down to Provincetown. You can find him somewhere out there from sunrise until the middle of the night. “There is no place like Cape Cod.”
2nd Place
milkyway with the marshes
“Milkyway with the Marshes”, Yarmouth by Ajit Moghe Agit is a New England photographer residing in Massachusetts. As a photographer, he is in love with Cape Cod and the surrounding region because it has unlimited natural beauty to offer. He enjoys capturing marshes, boardwalks, beaches, sunrise & sunsets, moonrise & moonsets, lighthouses, the night sky, and any possible combination of these to provide a unique perspective to the viewer.
3rd Place
family outing
“Family Outing”, Stony Brook Grist Mill, Brewster by Nick Hebditch
Nick is a photography hobbyist who has recently started taking classes to learn and improve upon my art. While he is mainly interested in photographing live bands and events, time off of his seasonal landscaping job on Cape has allowed him time to appreciate local scenery and wildlife this winter. “ I grew up on Cape and am grateful for these surroundings, which I want to share with anyone interested in the beauty this place has to offer.”
love of cape cod
“Love of Cape Cod”, East Denis by Lori Robbins
Lori Robbins loves taking walks on the Cape, photographing moments. “Oceans and sunsets, bogs and ponds and trails, towns and people, there’s always more to see and experience.“
hyannisport sunrise
“Hyannisport Sunrise”, Hyannisport by Anna Head
Anna was drawn to photography because of a dear friend’s encouragement about 5 years ago, she then enrolled in a photography class. The beauty of the Cape and the light has become her muse.” The beauty on the Cape inspires me to pause and look at the everyday beauty that surrounds us.”
perfect mound of sea life
“Perfect Mound of Sea Life, Dowses Beach, Osterville by Keith Putnam
Keith was born and raised here on Cape Cod and has been a self-proclaimed outdoors man since being a young lad. He has always been drawn to the natural settings that are provided here on Cape Cod – from the ocean and ponds, and to woodlands that surround us. He loves to share his enthusiasm with others while promoting being outdoors and staying active!
sunset at sagamore beach
“Sunset at Sagamore Beach”, Sagamore by Jill O’Connor
Jill is a Boston based amateur photographer who loves capturing landscapes and still life photos with unique angles and lighting. She grew up going to the Cape as a child and says, “Now I am lucky so spend all our free time here in Sagamore beach.”

Winning Photographs for CCX WinterPhotoChallenge2022

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1st Place

Nobska Light, Woods Hole, Falmouth by Michael Mondville
2nd Place
 Brewster Grist Mill, Brewster by Nick Hebditch
3rd Place
Sunset Hill, Hyannisport by Anna Head
3 2
Mayflower Beach, Dennis by Bonnie Glynn
4th Place
4 1
My favorite Snowy opportunity yet, West Dennis Beach by Sarah Keddell
4 2
Winter Fence, Mayflower Beach, Dennis by Patsy Keigney-Rodriguez
4 3
Beautiful Sunset on the Marsh by Lori Robbins
4 4
Fresh snow coming down in Sandwich, MA. The Lakewood Hills neighborhood, by Wayne Chinnock
4 5
Tonight’s Owl Sighting by Sean Meagher
4 6
The Birthday Girl Explorer, North Truro by Agata Storer
4 8
An Absolutely Gorgeous Sunrise by Keith Putnam
4 9
Veterans Beach, Hyannisport by Gabriela Perry
4 7
Craigsville Beach by Charlene Valk
4 10
Sunset in Marstons Mills by Joanna Watson
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