Fall on Cape Cod – 8 Reasons to Visit

fall on cape cod

Fall on Cape Cod is the perfect time for a vacation because you can enjoy the sights and beaches without large crowds and with lower room rates. If you want to go whale watching, September and October are also the perfect months to visit. Fall on Cape Cod is also an excellent time to get freshly harvested produce and seafood from the farmers’ markets.

1. Fewer People

September is the time that most tourists are leaving the Cape from the peak summer season. This means you may get to enjoy a peaceful, solitary stroll on the beach with temperatures that are more comfortable than the heat of August.

There are also fewer chances of you getting stuck in traffic, having to navigate your way through the crowded P-town streets, or waiting in long queues for a table at your favorite restaurant. It is much easier this time of year to find parking spots whether you are headed in town or to the beach.  If you are taking ferries or making reservations, there will be more availability to accommodate your preferred schedule.

2. Cheaper Accommodations

inns in the fall cape codIn the fall on Cape Cod you can end up saving up to 40% on hotel accommodations and possibly more on vacation rentals, since many people are not able to travel around this time with the kids back in school. There are ample accommodation options–for everyone from couples to groups to families.

After all, why would you pay more in July and August when you can pay less and get pretty much almost the same weather plus the entire beach to yourself and your family?

3. Beautiful Fall Scenery

fall on cape cod - 8 reasons to visit

The bright reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves against the blue backdrop of the ocean–it doesn’t get more scenic than this. If you drive along Route 6A, you’ll get to see the historic parts towns on the Cape, with plenty of picturesque scenery.

The Cape Cod National Seashore offers winding trails that flow through the colorful foliage of Cape Cod in the fall. There are hiking trails from the upper to the outer Cape, with different levels of difficulty, to experience all the natural beauty the Cape has to offer.

4. Whale Watching and Other Boat Excursions

Whales come to the Cape during the late summer and stay until early fall. The Cape is known worldwide for its unique whale watching tours. Spot a humpback, fin, minke, or sei whale in the warm coastal waters of this tourist resort. Tours typically last for three hours or more.

Also there are many other excursions for looking for seals, sharks or trying your hand at fishing.

Cape Cod in the fall, is also a perfect place to get out on the water in a kayak or paddleboard.  Rideaway Adventures offers sunset or exploration tours with trained guides to show you the best techniques and scenic spots.

5. Fall Festivals

fall festivalCape Cod loves its festivals and holds many of them throughout the year to keep locals and tourists busy. Early October you can attend the Yarmouth Seaside Festival that consists of three days of family fun, including bonfires, sand castle competitions and canoe/kayak race.

There’s also the Tennessee Williams Theater Festival in Provincetown in September and seasonal festivals like the Sandwich Fest, Halloween, and Cranberry Harvest festivals.

6. Farmers’ Markets

Fall weather gives birth to the fall harvest, which explains the ongoing farmers’ markets for this season.

Fresh produce is a staple during the season. You get to purchase everything from fresh corn to apples, tomatoes, and pies.

Many of the Cape’s restaurants also pride themselves in sourcing these fresh ingredients.

7. Sunrises and Sunsets

fall on cape cod - 8 reasons to visit

Fall sunsets and sunrises are the most beautiful of all. This is because the fall months sweep in dry Canadian air, which gives the sky a brighter hue than usual.

An excellent spot to watch the sunrise is Nauset Beach in Orleans, which will show you the eastern shoreline as the Sun slowly drifts above the horizon. Bound Brook Island Beach in Wellfleet is a hidden gem that offers the most spectacular sunsets.

8. Visit a Cranberry Bogfall on cape cod - 8 reasons to visit

What’s healthier eating fresh cranberries right after harvest? Massachusetts is known for harvesting 1/3rd of the US’s cranberry supply, and the majority of these cranberry bogs are on the Cape.  Take a tour through the cranberry bog for a learning experience, some gorgeous pictures, and your own basket of fresh cranberries!

If you’re looking for pleasant weather without the immense crowds and high hotel rates, early fall on Cape Cod is the ideal time to visit. Fall months are the perfect time for outdoor activities like playing on the beach, soaking in the refreshing ocean water, and hiking along the many Cape Cod trails.

Late fall gets cooler but is still mild. As long as you pack a sweater you can still enjoy the weather outside.

If you’re planning a vacation this Fall on Cape Cod you will not regret it. Make a reservation at one of the many affordable accommodations on the Cape and enjoy the colorful foliage and breathtaking views here.




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