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Retirement Communities on Cape Cod and the Islands

From the Bourne and Sagamore bridges to the very tip of Cape including the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, the combined islands offer a wideolder couple relaxing outdoors drinking wine_retirement communities on cape cod_retirement communities cape cod range of housing and care options for its older residents, and for folks looking to retire in the area. From independent living apartments where you don’t need to worry about upkeep, lawn mowing, and maintenance, to facilities that provide medical care and assistance 24/7, there’s something to meet every level of need. If you’re retiring on Cape Cod, be sure to reach out to your local Council on Aging for resources and advice on aging in place or institutional options to meet your needs.

Cape Cod retirement communities feature a wide range of amenities and activities depending on the site including dining rooms, fitness centers, recreational activities and classes, transportation and more. Aside from the on-site amenities you can enjoy the many scenic spots, beaches, walks, excellent bike trails, and thriving arts and group of older people playing games at one of the retirement communities on cape cod_retiring on cape codculture scene that the Cape and islands have to offer.

Independent living facilities often feature apartments where seniors can continue to live in their own space, with the added benefit of a support system in place within the retirement communities on Cape Cod. Many facilities offer a transition from independent living to assisted living and nursing care as your needs change.

Best Top 7 Independent Living Amenities to Consider

The most important aspect of considering retirement communities on Cape Cod should focus on intellectual and creative growth, physical health, emotional and spiritual well- being and social life. These core aspects of your well-being will readily enhance and give your golden years a sense of fulfillment.

While there are numerous options available, the compiled list of amenities defines what most seniors are seeking in an independent living community.

1) Choosing Your Housing Type

Senior living communities run the gamut from all residents in one building with couple with arms around each other standing outside on a deck at one of the retirement communities on cape cod_cape cod retirement communitiesapartments and common spaces under one roof to others that utilize a campus setting or resort style. Some prefer a spacious apartment just down the hall from friends and gathering spaces. Others enjoy the privacy of a small home in a neighborhood setting. Some facilities have a mix of the two, allowing residents to slowly transition from a private cottage to an apartment as their needs change.

2) Multiple Dining Venues

While a single cafeteria or dining room may generally satisfy most residents group of people celebrating a birthday at one of the retirement communities cape codduring mealtimes, it’s also nice to have options other than a sit-down, restaurant-style meal. Especially for busy seniors, a café or deli-style marketplace offers convenience for meals on the go. Others may like to switch it up and enjoy a cup of coffee away from the breakfast rush. Multiple dining venues allow for more choices to meet individual preferences, even those decided on a whim.

3) Health & Wellness Facilities

Physical exercise is a vital part of any healthy senior lifestyle, and the best two people doing yoga at one of the retirement communities cape cod_retiring on cape codindependent living communities will offer plenty of opportunities to stay fit. Fitness centers, swimming pools, group exercise classes and personal trainers are all excellent amenities for seniors to take advantage of to keep up their physical health. Some communities also include walking trails, tennis courts and more on their grounds for those who enjoy exercising outdoors.

4) Creative Spaces

person doing crafts at one of the retirement communities cape cod_retiring on cape codRetired people can still be creative and can do so in a brightly lit space that is comfortable. Such a space can be used to do creative crafts with grandchildren children, holiday craft, Christmas crafts, or general craft ideas such a building bird houses and creating Xmas cards, Sewing, Knitting, and Crocheting Crafts. The space is really a space to help them going to lead a more eventful creative lifestyle.

5) Fun and Entertainment

two people having fun riding mopeds_cape cod retirement communitiesThe community should consider entertainment types that cater to the needs of all of their senior retirees. These forms of entertainment can include movie nights, TV Shows, book clubs, video gaming, pet shows, amusement parks, road trips, open mic nights, sporting events, comedy clubs, theater, concerts, food festivals and shopping festivals just to name a few.

6) Senior Social Centers

people dancing at one of the retirement communities on cape cod_retiring on cape cod
For the fulfillment of the social well-being of the seniors, the communities’ various types of social centers that portray different themes to satisfy a diverse group if retirees. These common spaces may include an ice cream parlor, a jazz bar, bar and lounge, and enough common areas where residents can come to together to socialize. These spaces should also include outdoor patios to enjoy the fresh air during warmer weather.

7) Continued Learning Options

people using computers at one of the retirement communities cape cod_retiring on cape codMany seniors entering retirement look forward to the opportunities they’ll have to learn new things or stay current in their field. Leading independent living communities often include amenities such as a library or internet café, in which residents can actively pursue new knowledge or learn new things. Many communities also have close connections to nearby colleges, some of which may offer continuing education or lifelong learning classes for seniors. Either learn more about a subject or skill you’re already passionate about or branch out and try something totally new! Some retirement communities offer art classes, book groups, and transportation to the many goings-on of the Cape and Islands!

Finding Retirement Communities on Cape Cod

Finding the right retirement communities on Cape Cod requires time and careful consideration. It’s essential to choose a community that aligns with your lifestyle, needs, and budget while providing the support and amenities you desire for your retirement years.

Learn more about the Newcombers Groups on Cape Cod to help with your transition to the retirement communities on Cape Cod.

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