Surfcasting on Cape Cod: 6 Amazing Fishing Spots

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surfcasting on cape cod: 5 amazing fishing spots

While many people spend their time on the Cape lounging on the beach or swimming in the ocean, others spend their time on the water fishing!  Surfcasting on Cape Cod is one of the best places due to the endless beaches and the wide variety of fish species that can be found.

In this article, we take a look at some of the top places to go surfcasting on Cape Cod.

What is Surfcasting?

Surfcasting is a form of fishing in which you cast in the surf of the Ocean from the shoreline. It is also sometimes referred to as beach casting or surf fishing. Surfcasting is most commonly done in salt water.

If you are surfcasting on Cape Cod, anyone over 16 does need a salt water fishing license. A recreational saltwater fishing license can be obtained online.

Best Spots for Surfcasting on Cape Cod

Surfcasting on Cape Cod is extremely popular  due to the plethora of beaches in the area. Here are a few of the best spots to visit on the Cape:

Dowses Beach – Osterville

surfcasting on cape cod: 5 amazing fishing spots

One of the best places to surfcast on Cape Cod is Dowses Beach. It’s great for its accessibility and its convenience for fishing. If you have a Barnstable beach sticker, you can access parking only a few feet away from the beach. This beach has the reputation for for the best-kept Scup fishing grounds

The town has constructed a raised platform away from swimmers to allow fishers to cast out without the fear of hooking someone frolicking in the water. In addition, there is a jetty where East Bay meets the Sound for those who want to cast deep.

Sandy Neck Beach – Sandwich

surfcasting on cape cod: 5 amazing fishing spotsSince Sandy Neck Beach offers passes for Off Road Vehicles and camping , it is also a great place for surfcasting on Cape Cod, to get beyond the beaches that are populated by traditional beach-goers.

Another advantage of the fishing at Sandy Neck is that fisherman are allowed to “fish with the tides” beyond the posted hours as long as they follow the rules. Each person on the beach must have proper fishing equipment including fishing rod, bait and tackle, and must be actively fishing. Fishermen will be asked to show these items to the Gatehouse Attendant and or the Natural Resource Officer on duty.

Old Silver Beach – Falmouth

While Old Silver Beach tends to get crowded during sunny summer days, it’s a haven for fishers come dusk or during the cold weather months. The nearby marsh attracts large numbers of both large and small mouth bass.

White Crest Beach – Wellfleet

While Wellfleet does have a ton of fishing spots, any local fisherman will say stick to the shore. There are plenty of stripers, and if the conditions are right, you may even catch a bluefish!

Cape Cod National Seashore – Provincetown to Chatham

surfcasting on cape cod: 5 amazing fishing spots

The 30 miles of shoreline from Provincetown to Chatham, known as the Cape Cod National Seashore, is another great place to go surfcasting. The beaches are protected and do not have any construction on them. While it may seem rather barren, the lack of man-made construction makes this a great location for fishing.

Vineyard Sound – Martha’s Vineyard

Another great place to surfcast is the Vineyard Sound. There are plenty of rocky areas to climb on to help you cast further into the water. Stay on the lookout for 20-pound plus bass!

Other Fishing Spots on Cape Cod

While surfcasting on Cape Cod is a great way to fish on, there are a ton of other spots that you can go fishing on the Cape. Check out the top 15 Cape Cod fishing charters for a day fishing at sea or the top 12 best fishing piers for a relaxing afternoon on the docks.




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