CCMA Contemporary Art Exhibit – Fragile

Fragile, Cape Cod Museum of Art

Cape Cod has inspired its share of artists and contemporary artwork. Local contemporary artists Frank Anigbo and Richard Neal have launched a new art exhibit – Fragile, at the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis, Massachusetts. It runs from October 6 to December 31, 2022, and is being curated by Lauren Wolk, a local author. Locals and visitors to the area have been clamoring to view the pieces with much anticipation.

experience the contemporary art exhibit: fragile

Frank Anigbo and Richadar Neal: Contemporary Artists

Frank Anigbo paints pictures of his family and beloved home. He depicts a certain vulnerability in his artwork that has a strong connection to racism experienced by African Americans in America. Richard Neal creates artwork that highlights infernos.

Each artist is dramatically different in techniques, materials, palettes, and subject matter. Most of their artwork was created during the COVID-19 pandemic and has a strong focus on the threats being faced during the time’s historic period.

In 2021, Neal found an interesting correlation between his artwork and Angibo’s. There was a great deal of emotion in each of the pieces and when combined they make a powerful statement. Anigbo’s paintings show a life spent in a racist world. The combination of the two artists’ works shows certain innocence that comes to a sudden end. With similarities and contrasts, the two artists display their unique lives which gives the exhibit, Fragile a lot of interesting layers that tend to tap into a viewer’s emotions.

experience the contemporary art exhibit: fragile

Author Wolk combined poetry pieces for the various pieces of art which further brings each one to life and grabs the viewer’s attention.

The Experience of Fragile

experience the contemporary art exhibit: fragileBenton Jones, Cape Cod Museum of Art Director  states, “Experiencing the artwork of Frank Anigbo and Richard Neal side by side evokes a visceral response. Incompatible, the juxtaposition of ferocious destruction and vignettes of familial intimacy works to emphasize the other. The result is an exhibition that exposes the fragility of being human in an uncompassionate and unforgiving world. Lauren Wolk, guest curator and contributing poet, provides a third perspective to this unlikely combination of artworks that tells an unsettling story. A story that, unfortunately, documents our place in time.”

Experience  the Art Exhibit – Fragile at Cape Cod Museum of Art.  Open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm; Sunday Noon – 4 pm. Or check out other Museums on Cape Cod.





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