Bucket List Activities for Seniors on Cape Cod

Bucket List Activities for Seniors on Cape Cod

Travelling the globe is not always necessary to start crossing items off a bucket list, there are plenty of bucket list activities for seniors on Cape Cod. From parasailing to catching trophy fish, there are plenty of exciting and different activities for seniors of all activity levels. Just one trip to Cape Cod can result in checking off that bucket list finally!

Bucket List Activities for Seniors on Cape Cod

Go Parasailing

bucket list activities for seniors on cape codSoar high over the Cape Cod Bay and take in the beauty of the cape from the sky by booking a parasailing tour. Both Dennis Parasail and Provincetown Parasail offer parasailing options for Cape Cod visitors and their families. With the ability to sail two to three people at the time, seniors can not only enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity for themselves but also with the ones they love the most.

Digital photo packages are also offered to visitors usually at an added cost, which gives seniors a chance to reflect on the moment they were one with the wind hundreds of feet in the air. A memory grandchildren are sure to remember for years to come, parasailing is an exhilarating and safe bucket list item that can be checked off in just a few hours.

Catch a Trophy Fish

bucket list activities for seniors on cape codCatching a fish of a lifetime is a major bucket list item for those who enjoy fishing. As such a well-known fishing destination, Cape Cod offers private and public fishing charters for fishers and women of all ages. With party boats offering charters out of Falmouth, Hyannis, and Harwich Port, large families can spend a day out at sea together with the comfort of restrooms and a galley for food.

There are also private charters for the more avid anglers, which offer the opportunity to go deep sea fishing for giant tuna when in season. As seen on Wicked Tuna some of the biggest tuna in America have been caught right off Cape Cod, booking a private charter with a skilled angler in the area increases the chance of catching one!

If you are not interested in fishing, there are plenty of other on the water excursions on Cape Cod. Perhaps you want to embark on a journey to find seals, sharks or the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale.

Go Camping

When most think of camping, they think of uncomfortable beds and chilly nights in a drafty tent. For many seniors, the thought of discomfort may overrule the idea of camping. However, Cape Cod is home to many campgrounds that also offer small bucket list activities for seniors on cape codcabin rentals for those looking for a more comfortable camping option.

Located in the heart of Cape Cod in East Falmouth is Cape Cod Camp Resort and Cabins. This camping resort offers all the amenities that seniors looking to enjoy the outdoors could hope for. With Wi-Fi, a hot tub, and horseshoe pit to name just a few amenities, this camp site gives visitors a chance to feel one with nature while also enjoying some of the comforts of home.

Also AutoCamp in Falmouth offers unique camping options in their modern Airstream Suites, spacious canvas Tents, and roomy X Suites tucked into the natural surroundings without sacrificing a sense of space and indulgence. You can enjoy their yoga classes, have s’mores at the fire pit, or get a meal from the Clubhouse Café.

Camping with young ones can also give seniors a chance to bond with them in ways that cannot typically be done with the distractions of a home. Getting outside in nature while also being comfortable and getting a good night’s sleep can be done with the amenities that some of the campgrounds on Cape Cod can offer. Explore more Campgrounds on Cape Cod.

Take a Surfing Lesson

bucket list activities for seniors on cape codContrary to popular belief, travelling to a tropical paradise is not essential to learn how to surf. There are plenty of senior- friendly surf schools located right on the oceanside shores of Cape Cod.

Well established surf schools such as Cape Side Surf School or Sugarsurf in Wellfleet offer surfing lessons to people of all ages. Lessons are offered individually or in a private group setting and can be tailored to fit the needs and fitness level of each student.

With knowledge of local sandbars, tidal patterns, and rip currents, these surf schools are among the many that can safely instruct seniors to surf in a safe environment. These surf schools also utilize foam surfboards for beginners, which drastically reduces the chance of injury in the instance someone is accidentally struck with their surfboard. Getting out in the ocean and riding a wave is not such a difficult task when learning from the right people!

Go for A Night Paddle

bucket list activities for seniors on cape codThe waterways of Cape Cod are magical places and are sometimes best explored by paddle tour. As seen in tropical destinations such as Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, nighttime glow paddling has become a popular activity for vacationers. These sunset glow paddle tours are available right here in Cape Cod, from a multitude of rental shops.

One of the best nighttime paddle tours on Cape Cod is available at SUPfari Adventures in South Orleans. Tours can be booked individually or as a group, allowing seniors to enjoy a beautiful night on the water either on their own or surrounded by their loved ones. These lit up tours are available in either kayaks or on standup paddle boards allowing active seniors to choose which activity better fits their comfort level.

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset Over the Water in the Same Day

bucket list activities for seniors on cape cod
Photo Credit Keith Putnam 4th Place 2022 Cape Cod Xplore Winter Photo Challenge

One of the easiest but often most neglected bucket list items available to all of us each day is to catch the sunrise and sunset. In Cape Cod, it is possible to catch both over the water. Head up to Nauset Light Beach for one of the best sunrises on Cape Cod. With unobstructed ocean views that stretch out for miles, watching the sunrise in Orleans is a breathtaking moment for visitors of all ages.

bucket list activities for seniors on cape cod
Photo Credit Michael Mondville 1st Place 2022 Cape Cod Xplore Winter Photo Challenge

Whether after a day of exploring and activity or a relaxing one on the beach with a good book, it is always recommended to head over to the bayside of Orleans at Skaket beach for a dramatic sunset over the sandbars. Further down the Cape, the sunset from west-facing Old Silver Beach in Falmouth is also a beautiful sight to note. No matter where visitors are on the cape, finding an east facing beach over the ocean and a west facing beach over the bay is possible in minutes making it easy for visitors to catch both the sunrise and sunset over the water in the same day.

Completing Bucket List Activities for Seniors on Cape Cod:

Regardless of their fitness level or physical activity, there are plenty of bucket list activities for seniors on Cape Cod. While surfing and parasailing can be physically taxing, camping and watching the sun patterns can also enjoyed while visiting Cape Cod. Seniors residing in the northeast United States do not have to travel far in order to start ticking off those boxes on their bucket lists this season!

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