Which are the best Cape Cod towns to visit? (Top 5)

cape cod towns to visit

There are so many Cape Cod towns to visit that boast fantastic beaches, serene nature parks, historical monuments, hip shopping towns, and laid-back summer getaways.

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

If you love nature, Brewster is your dream town, while Yarmouth is perfect for families. Visit the town of Dennis for the best beaches and Provincetown for exciting day trips. Martha’s Vineyard is the investment headquarters of the Cape.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the 5 appealing towns of Cape Cod and their distinct qualities.

1. Brewster – perfect for nature lovers

Brewster is a quaint natural enclave that boasts scenic parks, tranquil beaches, picturesque hiking trails, and beautiful camping sites.

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Here are a few pointers why Brewster is perfect for nature lovers

Scenic Parks

Brewster’s natural parks rank among the best in the US. Here are a few parks that will quench your thirst for nature.

Nickerson State Park

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Nickerson State Park offers a pristine 1900-acre forest, 400 camping sites, 8 miles of hiking trails, and numerous fishing grounds.

Sweetwater Forest

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

This modern family campsite and RV grounds boast virgin woodlands with modern amenities. Enjoy hikes, miniature golf, and family barbecues in the heart of nature.

Award-winning Beaches

Crosby Landing Beach

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

A calm, tranquil bay side beach perfect for families and nature lovers.

The beach is a nesting ground for thousands of migratory birds and other sea mammals.

Paine’s Creek Beach

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Enjoy gorgeous sunsets, take stunning photos, kayak, explore tidal pools and make memories on this small peaceful kid-friendly beach.

2. Yarmouth, the all-time family favorite

Holidaying with family adds color, flair, and warmth to your holiday experience.

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Yarmouth town boasts of exhilarating amusement parks, low crime rates, great restaurants, beautiful beaches, affordable housing, and a friendly multicultural neighborhood, all the ingredients of a great family town.

Here are a few reasons why Yarmouth must be your number one choice for a family vacation.

Family-friendly Recreational Sites

Inflatable Park

Located in West Yarmouth, the Cape Cod inflatable park is the biggest in the US. The Park offers inflatable rides, a challenge zone, a water park, and a shark tank arcade.

Sit, relax, and enjoy yourself while the kids have a blast on the water slides and swings under the hawk-eyed supervision of park staff.

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Pirates Cove

Would you enjoy a round of golf in a pirate-themed park that boasts carefully groomed grounds and an elaborate game design? Pirates Cove is the place for you.

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Pirates Cove is an 18-hole golf course located in South Yarmouth. It was established in 1983 and offers a themed golf experience for people of all ages.

Skull Island

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Skull Island, located in South Yarmouth, is 38000 square feet, serene island-themed mini-golf course that includes go-kart racing, batting cages, a large arcade, and whiffle games.

Skull island radiates a Caribbean vibe right from the impressively landscaped grounds to the exquisitely assembled props.

Excellent Education Centers

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

The Dennis-Yarmouth school district comprises six multicultural schools serving up to 3500 students. With a 12 to 1 student-teacher ratio, students get holistic, high-quality education. Special needs students, adult programs, libraries, and transportation services are some of the services offered by the D-Y school district.

High-Quality Hospitals.

Healthcare is essential whether on vacation or permanently settling on Cape Cod, especially if you have kids.

Yarmouth town offers various hospitals, 24-hour pharmacies, and laboratories. The 283-bed capacity Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, the best hospital in the Cape staffed by over 300 physicians, is just 6 miles or 10 minutes’ drive away.

3. Town of Dennis, if you are looking for lots of beaches to enjoy!

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

The Town of Dennis is any beach goer’s paradise, flaunting beautiful, warm, and inviting beaches that rival the best coastlines in the world.

Dennis boasts 16 budget-friendly beaches equipped with social amenities. Swim, sunbathing, kite flying, and windsurfing on Mayflower, Dennis, and Corporation beaches. Dennis is the de facto beach headquarters of Cape Cod and offers enticing options for any beach lover.

The Town of Dennis has an easy laid back summer feel with excellent ice cream parlors, a vibrant main street, and a carnival atmosphere.

Here is a list of the top beaches on Dennis.

Mayflower Beach

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

This one of the most popular beaches in Cape Cod and attracts droves of beach goers, especially during the summer months.

The Mayflower beach is great for swimming, surfing, and building sandcastles. It provides excellent amenities including, public restrooms, a picnic site, a boardwalk, and paid public parking space.

You can walk for miles offshore during the low tide, take stunning photos, and dip your toes into the pure, untainted ocean mud.

Corporation Beach

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Corporation Beach is a large horseshoe beach off the northern (bay side) coast of Dennis town. The beach has a long shoreline with white sand, grassy dunes, and rock outcroppings. A snack bar run by the Dennis Public Market serves an expansive menu for guests, and paid parking is available. Public amenities include public washrooms, general rinsing showers, and a small boardwalk.

The warm, clear, and calm waters of Corporation beach rank it one of Dennis town’s best beaches.

4. Provincetown, one of the the cutest Cape Cod towns to visit for a day trip

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Provincetown, or ‘’P town,” positioned on the tip of Cape Cod, hosts famous tourist sites, a bustling commercial hub, beaches, artist’s studios, harbors, and fine dining options perfect for day trips. It’s also a favorite vacation spot for the LGBTQ community.

Provincetown’s population explodes every summer to 60,000 people proving how “touristy” and attractive it is for day trips.

Here are a few sights and sounds that make “P town” the day trip capital of Cape Cod

Art Dune Tours

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Explore the fragile protected Provincetown dunes in a guided tour and discover the historical artist shacks along the way.

These shacks dating back to the early 70s are a treasure trove of ancient wisdom.

Commercial street

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Navigate through the heart of P’town on Commercial Street and MacMillian Pier to drink in the alluring sights and sounds.

Watch the artist do their work, grab a bite, or duck into an antique bookstore for a quick read.

5. Martha’s Vineyard, the highest appreciating market for investors

The median house value in Martha’s Vineyard is a staggering 1.035 million dollars in 2020. And the total property value of the island is around 20 billion dollars

which cape cod town is best? (top 5)

Martha’s Vineyard, located in south Cape Cod, is the investment capital of the Cape. The island consisting of 6 towns, plays host to over 100,000 tourists every summer who inject millions into the local economy. The tourist boom creates high demand in real estate, hospitality, recreational services, and transport sectors. Martha’s Vineyard is a prime town for investment.

The cost of living on this island is 60% higher than the American national average, making it one of the wealthiest places in the US.

Our Summary

With so many Cape Cod towns to visit,  the Cape is a preferred summer destination for thousands of visitors who enjoy its beautiful, pristine beaches, quaint historical towns, breathtaking nature sites, and vibrant, upbeat towns.

The Town of Brewster is perfect for nature lovers due to its scenic parks and breathtaking beaches.

Yarmouth is the all-time family favorite, boasting amazing adventure parks, quality education centers, and world-class health facilities.

While the town of Dennis, the defacto beach headquarters of the Cape, offers tranquil, expansive beaches equipped with all basic amenities that are great for perfect beach excursions.

Visit Provincetown for a fun-filled day trip. Tour dune tours, quaint bookshops, and the busy commercial street full of great food dens and artist studios.

Martha’s Vineyard has a diverse summer and year-round catalog of visitors from various parts of the country and the world. The value of housing is extremely high and thus, makes it a fertile hunting ground for any investor.




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