2 Provincetown Beaches and Their Enduring Appeal

provincetown beaches

Provincetown beaches are one of the many reasons visitors flock to this incredible town, surrounded by the ocean on both shores. It is home to two of the largest and most beautiful  beaches on the outermost tip of Cape Cod.

The geographic, along with the sprawling array of restaurants, trendy shops, art galleries, incredible night life, amazing boutiques, dune tours companies, incredible biking trails, sailboat excursions, water sports activities and a diverse demographic of folks from around the world which include mostly people of the LGBTQ Community make Provincetown one of the most widely visited communities in the world where people from all walks of life can relax and have fun.

What Makes Provincetown a Great Beach Town?

provincetown is an attractive and compelling beach community on cape codIn order to understand why Provincetown beaches are considered some of the most beautiful beaches on the Cape, it’s important to first understand the three components to look for in a great beach:

1) Spaciousness – A beach must be open for both wildlife and humans to co-exist while enjoying peace of mind with ease.,

2) Picturesque – The beauty of the sand type, the water, the dunes, the vegetation, and the cleanliness can create a sense of peace for all on the beach.

3) Uncrowded, and Clean – This attribute is very important in terms of supporting a more viable eco-system.

More About the Town

Provincetown is not just a beach town located at the tip of Cape Cod. It’s a community literally located on the edge of one of the largest sand dunes (Cape Cod provincetown is an attractive and compelling beach community on cape codNational Seashores) in the northeast United States.

If you are looking for a place to eat, sleep, dance, jog, bike, sail, kayak, tour the dunes, create romance, or find romance, or just enjoy theater or people watching, Provincetown offers a ideal safe space to do just that especially for the LGBTQ community.

Provincetown Beaches

Provincetown is home to two beautiful town beaches: Race Point Beach and Herring Cove Beach. Both Provincetown beaches offer a unique experience for locals and tourists alike.

Race Point Beach

provincetown is an attractive and compelling beach community on cape codLocated on the Atlantic Ocean, Race Point Beach is known as one of the top beaches in all of New England. Located off Route 6 off the end of Race Point Road, Race Point Beach is a little further from the main drag of Provincetown than Herring Cove Beach. However, the few extra miles are well worth the trip. Some of the endearing qualities of Race Point Beach include the following:

Endless Shores – Race Point Beach may get crowded near the parking lots, but walk a few miles down the shore, and you’ll find tons of space. The beach is the perfect spot for long summer strolls down the coast.

Gorgeous Sunsets – Race Point Beach is known for its beautiful sunsets over the Atlantic, no matter the season.  Race Point Light – The lighthouse located on Race Point Beach is a thing of beauty. It’s well worth making the trip to watch the sunset or even a few seals swimming about.

 Whale Watching –  Provincetown beaches are known as great places to do some whale watching as the provincetown is an attractive and compelling beach community on cape codwhales migrate North in the spring to colder waters.

Whether it’s sitting out and enjoying the weather in the summer or taking a long stroll on a nice winter day, Race Point Beach is a great place to visit, no matter the season.

Herring Cove Beach

provincetown is an attractive and compelling beach community on cape codJust a short walk from the center of Provincetown, Herring Cove is one of the most frequented by tourists visiting Provincetown. While its proximity makes it easier to get to, it definitely does not lack natural beauty. Some of the things that make Herring Cove Beach so incredible include the following:

Since Herring Cove is so close to town, it makes the perfect place for a beach day. You can spend the morning lounging on the beach, head into town for lunch, and then head back out to the beach for sunset, all without getting in your car.

Hiking Trails – If the weather allows it, Herring Cove is a great place to explore nature. There are several hiking trails to follow that allow you to explore the shore.

Free Concerts – Let your beach day become a beach night with the free concerts offered at Herring Cove.  Herring Cove beach offers a way to enjoy the beach, all while having tons of activities nearby to keep you entertained.

Commercial Street – The main street of Provincetown is known as Commercial Street. It’s a three-mile stretch of delicious restaurants, unique gift shops, and art galleries. One of the most notable spots on the commercial street is the Lobster Pot which is a seafood restaurant lit by a giant neon sign.

MacMillan Pier – MacMillan Pier located in central Provincetown is a great place to park and start off point to your adventure.  You can fish from the pier or just hang out  and watch the incoming and outgoing boats and people.

LGBTQ+ Events – Provincetown is a haven for the LGBTQ community. It hosts events year-round that cater to the community. As a result, there’s almost always something fun going on in Provincetown.

Provincetown has a ton of restaurants, several different attractions, and a vibrant atmosphere. The town and its beaches are happy places. The population is fun loving. All of this, combined with the Provincetown beaches, makes it the perfect place to spend a few days visiting the beach and enjoying the surrounding town. If you only have one day to spend in Provincetown, check out our article on a day trip to Provincetown.




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