Impressive Cape Cod Eco Tours

cape cod eco tours

5 impressive cape cod eco tours

The list of Cape Cod eco tours is extensive, with diverse wildlife and even more varied marine life. From fishing charters to exploring the island of Nantucket, there are countless ways of getting up-close-and-personal with Cape Cod’s natural world in an environmentally conscious way.

Eco-tourism is tourism done in a conservationist way for explorers who don’t like to upset nature in the places they visit. With such thriving nature in Cape Cod, the market for eco-tourism is growing.

Cape Cod eco tours are a guilt-free means of coming up close with whales, harp seals, rare birds, and many other natives to the Cape. Cape Cod eco tours also have a significant focus on education, with each tour aiming to inform you on practical ways to preserve nature.

The 5 best Cape Cod Eco Tours:

1. Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruise

Duration: 3.5 – 4 hours

Best for: Spotting and learning how to identify minke, finback, and humpback whales.


whale watching from barnstable harborWhat to see and do

Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises began operating whale watch trips out of Barnstable harbor in 1980, to view some of the most vibrant marine life Cape Cod has to offer. The Whale Watcher was among the first boats to enroll in WhaleSENSE, a voluntary education and recognition program that recognizes companies committed to responsible whale watching practices and ocean stewardship. This Whale Sense-approved tour is respectful of the animals and keeps a safe distance from them.

The cruise carries you to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary for unforgettable encounters with the whales! The seasonal home to Humpback, Finback, Minke whales and several dolphin species, the waters around Cape Cod consistently rank as one of the world’s top 10 whale watching destinations.

You’ll learn how to identify features of whales and be able to differentiate between species at the end of the Whale Watcher tour. There will also be general marine life spotting, as well as bird watching.


2. Cape Cod Central Railroad – Train Departing Buzzards Bay

Duration: 2 hours

Best for:

The Cape Cod Central Railroad is great for all members of the family!

Visiting rail-exclusive parts of Cape Cod and admiring the scenery and natural formations such as dunes, marshes, and cranberry bogs. It’s also good for learning about the history of the Cape Cod Canal.

5 impressive cape cod eco tours

What to see and do

The Cape Cod Central Railroad takes passengers from Buzzards Bay, passes over Cape Cod Canal, and proceeds to Sandwich, West Barnstable, and Hyannis. The stops and the natural sights can only be accessed by train and skirts along Cape Cod’s coast. From this Cape  Cod eco tour as you’re viewing the inland and coastal ecological wonders from a distance!

Each excursion features narration on the scenery as the train passes it by and provides an informative history of the canal and its importance to local towns and industries. You will also be educated on the rich flora of the area, mainly the cranberry bogs.

Admire the natural beauty of the Cape from the comfort of your train seat in the Cape Cod Central Railroad. Depending on what time you book, you can enjoy lunch, brunch, or dinner on the train.

You can book tickets online on the Cape Cod Central Railroad website.

3. Woods Hole Science Aquarium Collecting Walks

Duration: 2 hours

Best for: Actively helping with the conservation of local marine and wildlife. Learn how to identify an array of different marine animals, catch, and handle them, and become familiar with their problems and how to help.

5 impressive cape cod eco tours

The Woods Hole Science Aquarium collecting walk is ideal for anyone who wants to help the local marine life. Located in Upper Cape, tour guides from the Woods Hole Science Aquarium will equip you with buckets, nets, and other equipment and lead you through local beaches and salt marshes.

What to see and do

Catch animals native to the beaches and salt marshes and assess how thriving the marine life is. Learn how to safely catch different wildlife species, release them, or take them back to the aquarium, and maintain the natural setting.

This Cape Cod eco tour is free. You can sign up for this tour at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium front desk.

4. Discover P’Town Bike Tour

Duration: Varies depending on guests’ interests. It consists of around 4 miles of cycling.

Best for: Immersing yourself in the culture, history, and art of Provincetown in the most eco-friendly way.  The cycle itself is not too challenging but maybe a struggle for young kids. It is a recommended outing for those with moderate experience on a bike.5 impressive cape cod eco tours

What to see and do

Get to know the streets of Provincetown, including where best to eat, drink, and relax. Enjoy the wonders of the fishing village’s extensive art galleries while you burn some calories cycling along the coast.

The Discover P’Town Bike Tour is a guide-led bicycle tour that takes you around the key areas of historic Provincetown. Education is key to this excursion, covering the history of the Mayflower anchoring in this area in 1620 to the present.

This Cape Cod eco-tour also details preservation initiatives in the local area as it passes by the waterfront. The tour guide will also take you to unknown locations, art galleries, and coffee shops.



5. Nantucket Walkabout Tour

Duration: 1-3 hours

Best for: Exploring the rich, in-land nature that the island of Nantucket has to offer.

5 impressive cape cod eco tours

The Nantucket Walkabout Tour is a must if you’re looking to learn the geological history of the region, as well as what conservation initiatives are currently in place to preserve the island’s brilliance.

It’s a fun and educational excursion into the wild for the whole family.

What to see and do

The island’s unusual geological origin gives it a unique topography, making it an excellent location for a botanical, bird, and geographical nature walk.

Go birdwatching for bald eagles, wrens, northern harriers, black ducks, and orioles. You will learn everything there is to know about the natural world of Nantucket, thanks to the highly informed tour guides, who are established researchers in the field.

You can also learn about Native American presence on the island and how early settlers affected the landscape.

You can book a hike on the Nantucket Walkabout website.

Experiencing the True Nature of Cape Cod and the Islands

All of the Cape Cod eco tours described above, offer an ethical means of experiencing the true nature of this beautiful island. There’s nothing quite like getting up close to Cape Cod’s one-of-a-kind natural world, both off-shore and in-land.

Cape Cod is, of course, home to many other Boat and Charter tours, a lot of which are appealing to eco-tourists.

From riding the railways of Cape Cod Central Railroad to exploring the dense wildlife of Nantucket on a Nantucket Walkabout Tour, you are sure to find something to your taste that will make your trip to Cape Cod all the more special.




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