Welcome to Kids on Vacation on the Cape & Islands Region

Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and America’s favorite hometown of Plymouth are some of the most traditional and idyllic vacation spots for visitors and international travelers. In this region you will find the best beaches, hiking trails, summer camps and local farms for family and kids.

With over 700 miles of coastline of combined beaches, the Cape Cod region encompasses over 35 beaches along its shorelines which is the main draw for many families. In addition, these oasis of islands in the ocean have some of the best hiking trails, summer camps and local small farms that will appeal to families with kids on vacation.

We have selected the very best of the beaches, hiking trails, local farms and summer camps where kids can explore, discover and learn, providing the ideal vacation for kids and family.

Explore Some Fun Places for Kids on Vacation on the Cape & Islands Region:

Fun & Adventure for Kids

Beaches • Local Farming • Hiking • Summer Camp

Let’s  Visit Cape Cod

Cape Cod

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